Samantha Or Disha, Niddhi Or Kriti, See The Beauty Battle Of South Indian Actresses Vs Bollywood Stars!

Hanima Anand |Jan 07, 2021

With the development of South Indian film industries, Bollywood is threatened to lose its dominant position. However, we won’t talk about movies today but the beauties of both sides.

For a long time, Bollywood has dominated the Indian entertainment industry. Anyone who can make it big in Hindi cinema is probably recognized nationwide. However, recent years witnessed a boom in South Indian movies and stars who are likely to replace Bollywood in the near future.

South Indian Actresses Vs Bollywood Actresses
South Indian actresses in comparison with Bollywood actresses

On Instagram where celebrities flaunt their charm and prove their popularity, let’s see who is having an advantage between South Indian actresses and Bollywood heroines. Here we go!

Samantha Ruth Prabhu vs Disha Patani

Samantha Ruth Prabhu or Samantha Akkineni is a familiar face to not just South Indian audience but also Bollywood as she is too famous. The reason why we place Samantha in comparison with Disha Patani is that this duo own the hottest bodies in two towns.

If Disha Patani in bikini is unrivaled, Samantha Ruth Prabhu in jeans and top couldn’t be surpassed by any other easily. That’s not to mention their influence in two film industries.

In their latest post, both Disha Patani and Samantha Akkineni show their curves in a youthful pose.

Disha Patani Instagram Photo 1
Disha Patani latest Instagram photo
Samantha Ruth Prabhu Instagram Photo 1
Samantha Akkineni latest photoshoot

Either of them got over 1.6 million likes on the social platform within 20 hours. However, considering the ratio of likes over the number of followers on their accounts (41.4 million for Disha and 14.4 million for Samantha), Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s photoshoot is a bit higher appreciated.

Disha Patani Instagram Photo 2
Disha Patani without makeup look
Samantha Ruth Prabhu Instagram Photo 2
Also Samantha Akkineni no-makeup look

Nabha Natesh vs Mouni Roy

We would like to pair Mouni Roy and Nabha Natesh to show two opposite styles of Bollywood and South Indian stars. While Mouni Roy or other Hindi actresses tend to flaunt their sexy figures, Nabha Natesh or her South Indian colleagues incline towards a more reserved style of charm display.

Mouni Roy Instagram Photo 1
Mouni Roy in her latest Instagram shoot

As in their latest photoshoots, Mouni Roy is seen in a black lace top and a short skirt with an evocative posing. In another post, we also see the Bollywood actress flaunt her toned body in a see-through shirt.

Mouni Roy Instagram Photo 2
Another recent photo on Mouni Roy's social account

Contrary to this, Nabha Natesh chooses a less revealing style. Also donning a black lace top, Nabha pairs it with a light purple suit, which makes her look professional.

Nabha Natesh Instagram Photo 1
Still a black lace top, Nabha Natesh makes it look much professional.

However, that doesn't mean she doesn't have sexy pics. See these Nabha Natesh hot photos and you will change your mind!

Nabha Natesh Instagram Photo 2
Nabha Natesh owns a sizzling body to die for.

It’s hard to say who wins in this fashion game because both styles showcase their own strengths. Let’s say, we let our readers to decide who they will vote at the end of our post.

Niddhi Agerwal vs Kriti Sanon

Both Niddhi and Kriti are rising to their peak of stardom during these recent years. Either of them gets widespread recognition for their beauty and talent at the same time.

Niddhi Agerwal Instagram Photo 1
One of the latest photos Niddhi Agerwal posted on her Instagram

Despite those similarities, the South Indian representative often picks traditional outfits in her photoshoots while the Bollywood beauty is more inclined towards dynamic modern wears.

Niddhi Agerwal Instagram Photo 2
She often modified the traditional dress to fit the modern context.
Kriti Sanon Instagram Photo 1
Kriti Sanon is often associated with a dynamic and sporty fashion style.

Personally, we always encourage an embrace of Indian traditions, so we would definitely go for Niddhi Agerwal in this occasion though Kriti is always one of our muses.

Niddhi Agerwal Instagram Photo 3
Another look of Niddhi Agerwal in Indian traditional outfits

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Kriti Sanon Instagram Photo 2
Meanwhile, Kriti Sanon continues to glow with casual clothes of the modern fashion.

Finally, these are just random pairs of South Indian and Bollywood actresses who have impressive Instagram photos recently. The result of this battle can’t decide who wins for the entire industry, but it’s showing the increasing influence of South Indian stars in the game of fashion.

Let’s vote for your favorite in our comment section, and do come back to Starbiz Hot Photos for more!

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