Mohit Malhotra Dismisses Sexual Misconduct Charges By Tina Datta

Mina Muzumdar |Mar 05, 2019

Actor Mohit Malhotra made clear hí position and denied sexual harassment allegations by co-star Tina Datta.

Yesterday, actress Tina Datta has named and shamed co-star Mohit Malhotra of sexual abuse, said: “I went public only after I couldn’t take it anymore.” The accusations came after the two have intimate scenes. The actress, however, alleged Mohit Malhotra’s inappropriate behavior happened more than once even after he was warned by the producer.

In the light of the current event, Mohit Malhotra has clarified his stand, said:


Answering to Tina statement that she has reported this sensitive problem with the production team, but the actor continued his behaviour, Mohit explained that they both settled their problem earlier and “gave a statement to a news channel stating all is well”.

The actor further added weight to claim by saying he has been in the industry for more than 11 years and no women have ever had an issue with him.


Mohit Malhotra and Tina Datta have been shooting for their TV drama Daayan. After Tina allegations went viral, producer Ekta Kapoor now has a meeting with both of them to address the matter.


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