Kylie Jenner And Tina Datta Take Halloween Up A Grand Notch Among All Hollywood & Bollywood Celebrities!

Salena Harshini |Nov 02, 2020

Among all the stunning celebrities out there, Tina Datta, Kendall Jenner, Alanna Panday have taken turns to make eyes pop with their Halloween outfits.

Halloween this year was much more low-key compared to other years due to the current global situation. However, some of the top beauties in the world of entertainment has left no stones unturned in making the day holly as ever. From Kylie Jenner to Tina Datta, here is how the celebs have celebrated their trick-or-treat day.

Kylie Jenner

Every year, the makeup mogul is all-out for this day and Kylie was at again this year. She had her celebration two days before with not one but three looks. While Kylie Jenner and her gang teamed up for a group outfit for the first look, she also went mix and match with her daughter Stormi.

Kylie 2
Kylie and her super squad

She was first seen as a red Power Ranger while her friends dressed up as yellow, pink, and blue Power Rangers. All the girls had different styles although the costumes were made with the same material. Kylie can be seen in a red crop top whose sleeves featured white diamonds. She also donned a white belt, white boots with red diamonds, and red leggings.

Kylie Kendall
The siblings recreate an old school look

After this, the 23-year-old star along with her sister Kendall Jenner recreated their 70s inspired look when they used to be pre-teens. While Kylie was seen rocking in a ink wig, Kendall Jenner chose a white blonde one.

Kylie also dressed as the yellow minion to match with Stormi’s purple one and sealed the deal with a steamy king cobra outfit.

Kylie 4
She finished the event with a cobra outfit
Kylie 3
She looks sexy as always

Bella Thorne

The Midnight Sun actress is famous for her eye-burning Halloween fits over the years and the latest one of Bella Thorne is not an exception.

Bella Thorne stuns with a new touch for Red Riding Hood

The 23-year-old had flaunted two steamy costumes although it was six days away from the official day. Bella Thorne’s new look is her own version of Little Red Riding Hood. She showed off her enviable physique in bright red sleeves mini dress along with a matching hood, cape, and thigh-high tights.

Bella 4
She also dressed up as a vampire

She was seen as a sexy vamp before this and fans had absolutely no complaints.

Alanna Panday

The stars of the next generation are gradually making a mark for themselves in the entertainment world with their Internet presence. One such young star is Alanna Panday, cousin sister of actress Ananya Panday.

Alanna 2
Alanna Panday showed up in a dreamy outfit

She is known for her extremely gorgeous avatars and her social media handles are loaded with glimpses of the same. And recently, she has become a half-human, half unicorn in sexy font and managed to make heads turn as always.

The young Instagrammer slays her Halloween look

Kendall Jenner

Much like her sister Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner also made an appearance on Instagram with a classic look. The model turned up as her favorite character, Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire.

Kendall Jenner

In her figure-flattering black bodysuit, she also urged fans to vote. What a convenient event though.

Tina Datta

The television star who is most known for her dual portrayal of Meethi and Ichha in the famous daily soap Uttaran has also graced the Internet in her Halloween transformation. The theme that Tina Datta opted for this year is horror and while a second ago, she was seen in a casual shirt dress, the next second she has got into a clown-themed style.

Her caption said,

"I’m cute? Naaah I say this one’s gonna be cutely scary 😎Happy Halloween 👻 🎃 Trick or Treat!!! You better have a treat ready!!!!!"

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