SHOCKED!!! Tina Datta Accuses Mohit Malhotra Of Sexual Harassment

Mina Muzumdar |Mar 04, 2019

“He had been warned but did not change”, says TV actress Tina Datta.

TV actress Tina Datta today has pointed the finger at co-star Mohit Malhotra said he allegedly harassed her on the set of Daayan. According to the report, the actress even burst into tear during the set, and she has reported the matter to the producer, said: “He behaves like a hooligan.”


Tina Dutta

Moreover, after the filmmaker warned him about his inappropriate acts, he still denied and continue misbehaved with her.

Actress Tina Datta further added that she was facing his sexually predatory behaviour at the workplace a long time ago. And now she has to publicise her awful story because she couldn’t stand him anymore.


Earlier, Mohit shared a video where Tina was standing uncomfortably next to him, spoke to Pinkvilla, he said: “She is my good friend and we share a cordial relationship.”


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