Madhuri Dixit Exclusive Interview: “It Has To Be A Well-Written Script For Me To Say Yes To Web”

Mohnish Singh |May 30, 2019

Colors’ popular dance reality show “Dance Deewane” is returning with season two. Except for the contestants, nothing much is going to change on “Dance Deewane 2”. Madhuri Dixit, Shashank Khaitan and Tushar Kalia are back on the judging panel once again.

Madhuri Dixit needs no introduction! She took to the cinematic throne in the late 1980s and remained the reigning queen of Bollywood till the late 1990s. When she was at the peak of her career, the utterly mesmerizing actress decided to bid adieu to Hindi cinema and settled down with the US-based Dr. Sriram Nene.

Madhuri Dixit, who turned 52 just 15 days ago but barely looks middle-aged, is presently enjoying her second inning in showbiz. Apart from playing significant roles in movies, she has also turned producer. Not just that but the evergreen diva is also exploring the small screen with élan.

Madhuri Dixit
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Last seen in Dharma Productions’ Kalank (2019), Dixit is now gearing up to judge the second season of a popular dance reality show called Dance Deewane. She fronted the judging panel during the first season of the show as well. At the great launch of Dance Deewane 2 in Mumbai, STARBIZ correspondent Mohnish Singh meets the gorgeous actress and tries to know more about the dance show, how it is poised to be different than its previous edition and the competition that it will be facing from another dance reality show, Dance India Dance, which is set to start airing on a rival channel.

Madhuri Dixit also opens up about the unprecedented growth of digital medium and the threat it can pose to traditional cinema viewing in India. She also talks about the possibility of her digital debut as an actress. Excerpts...

Madhuri Dixit
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You look all set for Dance Deewane 2.

Yes, of course! I am really looking forward to the second season of the show. I am really excited.

What should the audience expect from the second season of the show?

In the second season of Dance Deewane, I think, the third generation is going to be very strong. If you notice in general reality shows, the cut-off age is usually 20. At most, it is 25. But here on our show, even 35+ can perform.

Last year, when we did the show for the first time, we did not have a big choice to make. But this year has been stupendous. A lot of people saw 35+ contestants perform last year and they got inspired. I am really happy to see that this year many contestants from the third generation have come forward to participate. We had to literally choose who we should keep. I am really looking forward to seeing them on stage.

How good is the younger generation at home?

(Guffaws) They all are good. They are busy with their school work and all the activities that they have.

Do they show any inclination towards acting and dance?

Well, they have learnt how to play the tabla and the piano. They are musically inclined. But I feel my older son is showing a little bit of interest in dancing.

What are the Bollywood songs he dances on?

Well, he does not dance on any Bollywood number. My older kid likes Hip-hop. So, he just keeps doing Hip-hop and stuff.

How do you manage your personal and professional life so effortlessly?

Just like you manage yours (laughs).

What do you manage to stay so fit?

What do you have to say about the kids who have come to participate in the second season? They look so confident.

I think as you grow, you face situations of self-doubt because of several outside influences. But kids are innocent. They just love dancing. That is all they know. We used to ask Alok, the winner of our last season, to sit for some time because he was so energetic. Even when there was no shot, he was busy doing tumbles and this and that. They practice in moments because they are passionate about dance. They love it. When you look at them, you feel you should also be passionate about your work just like they are passionate about dance.

Dance reality shows these days involve a lot of gymnastics. Don’t you think it is quite risky for kids?

It is risky for kids and adults alike. Having said that, when you learn gymnastic, you also learn how to land safely. Talking about risks, risks are everywhere. Even if you are walking, you may fall and break your leg. So, that risk will always be there. Even if you are doing a simple dance move, accidents can happen. So, I think, as long as you are doing it right, as long as you are technically correct and right, things should be fine.

Don’t you think that it is more of gymnastics and less of dancing on dance reality shows these days?

Well, these days, there is a lot of influence on hip-hop and contemporary. These dance forms have acrobatics. So, that is what you are going to see if somebody is doing contemporary. It will have acrobatics because that is a part of contemporary dancing. If you see belly dancing, even that dance form has a little bit of acrobatics. If you see Kathak, all the spins are acrobatics for Kathak. So, I think, every dance has its own form and you will have to watch it in its form.

Do you feel that those who know classical dance are one up on those who don’t know any classical dance form?

You know, I have seen some people who have learnt dance online. When they come and dance, you cannot make out that they have never taken any formal training from anybody, because they do it so gracefully. Once I asked a guy, “Where did you learn it from?” He said, “From the internet.” I was like, “Oh, my God!”.

So, if they get any teacher, you know what is going to happen and where they can reach. We have a lot of talent in this country and reality shows are the platform for them. They come from nowhere. They come from small towns and houses where they don’t have enough money to teach their kids. Parents are trying to put two and two together and help their kids. So, I think, people like them need to come forward and show their talent and get that chance to do that.

But does that not deprive a kid of his childhood?

They are studying. We make sure that they study when they are on the show. As I said, they love to dance and that is why they are doing it. They love what they are doing. They love dancing. If that is their love, then we should encourage it and it should come in front of people so that they get the kind of response from people that encourages them to do even better.

Was there anything that stayed with you from the last season?

The spirit. The spirit they come with. The wonderful thing is that it teaches even the little ones to be caring. You know, when somebody from the third generation does not do well and they go and sit in the corner, these little kids go to them and cheer them up. They say, “Don’t worry. You will do better next time.” So, it teaches them to care about each other. That is so wonderful to see.

Dance Deewane 2 will be competing with Dance India Dance, another dance-based show on a rival channel.

There is always competition between shows. You cannot do anything about it. But, I think, the USP of our show is going to be the third generation.

Do you think the digital medium can pose a threat to films?

I think as technology goes forward, all screens are going to merge. How you look at content is going to depend on you as an audience. Whether you want to go to the theatre and see it on a big screen or you just want to consume it on your iPad, your TV or your phone. So, it is all in your hands.

Are you open to foraying into web-space?

Well, I don’t know. I mean, it should be a good subject that excites me. You see so many series and how they shoot it. Every episode has a hook for you to look forward to the next. So, I think, it should be really a well-written script for me to say yes to it.

Dance Deewane 2 is set for its grand premiere on 15th June only on Colors.


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