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Hanima Anand |Jul 14, 2020

The latest season of the famous urban fantasy is coming! Check here release date, trailer, facts, and free download site of Lucifer Season 5!

The first episode of Lucifer, the popular American urban fantasy TV series was released back in January of 2016. Four years passed by but its heat hasn’t shown signs of reduction. On the occasion of the latest Lucifer Season 5, Starbiz combines here some facts around this latest season as well as the link to Lucifer Season 5 free download.

Lucifer Season 5 Photo 1
Lucifer Season 5 poster and trailer are out, creating storm among web series fans.

Before getting to the website for free download of complete Lucifer Season 5, let's read some interesting facts about this hot series.

Lucifer Season 5 release date

Lucifer Season 5 Part One is reported to be released on August 21, 2020. Netflix is the exclusive platform that broadcasts this series by Tom Kapinos.

Netflix used to announce that Lucifer fifth season would be the last season but in June, 2020, they decided to renew the series for another season. So, the sixth season is officially the last one.

Lucifer Season 5 Photo 2
The lead role is nobody but the charming Tom Ellis.

Lucifer Season 5 trailer

While waiting for Lucifer Season 5 free download, watch its trailer below!

Lucifer Season 5 trailer was out on July 13, 2020. It has gained over 3 million views within 24 hours, briefly mentioning the highlights in the upcoming season.

Netflix wrote on their Youtube channel that Lucifer Season 5 is a “tumultuous return” with new moves from Chloe, Ella and Amenadiel. While Chloe has a second thought over her romance, Ella finds her ‘the other half,’ a nice guy as it claims. Amenadiel, on the other hand, gradually adjusts himself to fatherhood.

The streaming service also affirms below their newly released Lucifer Season 5 trailer that this season would fulfill all desires of the audience from previous parts. Is it true? The only way to answer is to check Lucifer Season 5 free download towards the end of this post.

Lucifer Season 5 episodes

There are 16 episodes in Lucifer Season 5 in total, which are divided into two parts. Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1 would go online on August 21 this summer.

Lucifer Season 5 Photo 3
Lucifer Season 5 would be broadcast in two parts with 16 episodes in total.

Till date, 67 episodes of Lucifer series have been released. The first season in 2016 contained 13 episodes, the second had 18 and the third included up to 26 episodes. All these first 3 seasons of Lucifer were premiered on Fox. Lucifer Season 4 which was released on Netflix in May 2019 only presented 10 episodes.

Netflix would also distribute the fifth then the sixth season of Lucifer to the audience. The first half of Lucifer Season 5, containing 8 episodes, is set to come out next month.

Lucifer Season 5 cast

The cast in Lucifer Season 5 full episodes doesn’t have major changes as rumored. Some spread fake news that Tom Ellis wouldn’t appear in this season and be replaced by Ian Somerhalder but this was then reported not true.

Lucifer Season 5 Photo 4
The familiar cast of the American urban fantasy web series.

Of course, Lucifer Season 5 can’t miss the handsome Tom Ellis as its titular character. Other actors in this season are:

  • Lauren German (in the role of Chloe Decker)
  • Kevin Alejandro (in the role of Dan Espinoza)
  • DB Woodside (in the role of Amenadiel)
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt (in the role of Mazikeen)
  • Scarlett Estevez (in the role of Trixie Espinoza)
  • Rachael Harris (in the role of Linda Martin)
  • Aimee Garcia (in the role of Ella Lopez)
  • Inbar Lavi (in the role of Eve)

Lucifer Season 5 download for free

It’s such a strange search for Lucifer's latest season download when the series isn’t released yet. However, it’s possible to get free Lucifer download for the fifth season whenever it’s out.

Here's our updated link to download complete Lucifer Season 5 for free.

Lucifer Season 5 Photo 5
Lucifer Season 6 is reported to have some troubles among contractors.

We get you here some places where you can get Lucifer Season 5 English subtitles download free. You can bookmark these addresses and check them often after August 21. We’re sure that you will find free download version of Lucifer Season 5 just hours after it’s released on Netflix.


The first website you should check for free Lucifer Season 5 download in English or Hindi is Moviesflix. This site is well-known for latest web series download and it has already updated Lucifer movie download Season 1-4 for free here.


Another place to get Lucifer Season 5 download is Extramovies. You can also find available Lucifer Season 1 to Season 4 on this website, dubbed in Hindi language.


The last name that comes to our mind when looking for free Lucifer movie download is Mkvcinemas. This website often updates latest English movies and series, including previous seasons of Lucifer. You can enjoy Lucifer full online in English or Hindi on this website. has updated the latest information about Lucifer Season 5 free download. Have nice time watching the series with your friends!

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