KZK 2: Erica Fernandes signed up with no idea that it was the famous KZK!

Bindhiya Nhi |Sep 27, 2018

Erica revealed that she did not know she had just signed such a big project like KZK Reboot. She just put all her trust in Ekta Kapoor.

Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2, the much-anticipated love adventure officially debuted on September 25, 2018. Ekta Kapoor indeed demonstrated that she knows how to awe her fans. They are indeed happy to know that the iconic show has its remake. What people love most is the lead couple of KZK 2. Erica Fernandes as Prerna Sharma and Parth Samthaan as Anurag Basu are the perfect choices for the roles.

In an interview with Times of India recently, Erica revealed that she prefer Ekta Kapoor's show than Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi. Let's find out why Erica cherished her work with Ekta with all the facts below.

This Is Why Erica Took Up Kasautii

The reason why Erica takes part in Ekta's show

Erica shared more about the reason why she chose to be a part in Ekta Kapoor's project,


Erica Wasn't Aware Of Ekta's Project

Erica did not know she had just signed such a big project like KZK

At that time, Erica had just came back from her vacation and she came to meet Ekta Kapoor. The actress said,


Erica Admires Ekta!

Erica has a big admiration for Ekta

Erica really admires Ekta Kapoor. The actress loves the fact that Ekta clearly knows what she wants. To Erica, Ekta is her inspiration,


On Playing Prerna

Talking about Prerna Sharma in KZK 2

Erica revealed about the role that she played,



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