Koffee With Karan 6: Shahid Kapoor Reacts To The Dating Rumour Between Ishaan Khatter and Jahnvi Kapoor

Bindhiya Nhi |Jan 14, 2019

Shahid Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter appeared on 'Koffee With Karan 6' and had to answer many interesting yet difficult questions from the host.

After the latest episode with Hardik Pandya together with KL Rahul as guests, there was a rumor making rounds that this would also be the end of Koffee With Karan 6. However, host Karan Johar still returned with the show along with popular personality Shahid Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter. Shahid has already got used to the show since he visited it many times before; however, this would be the first time Ishaan made his appearance on Koffee.


Ishaan Khatter made his debut in the industry with the movie Beyond the Clouds directed by Majid Majidi. His next project was Dhadak in which he played as the main lead with Janhvi Kapoor. Dhadak was also a project by Karan Johar, and it was evident that he wanted to make clear of his actors' relationship in his movie. In the show, Karan's first question for Ishaan was whether the new actor was really dating Jahnvi or not.

Is Ishaan Khatter having an affair with Janhvi Kapoor? 

Ishaan Khatter went awkward with the question, yet Shahid Kapoor seemed to know something about his brother. He said, "Janhvi Kapoor has been with Ishaan a lot lately." The lead actor of  Dhadak later had to explain that it was because they spent time following each other's hobbies.

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Does Shahid Kapoor really count his flopped movies? 

Shahid's 2018 was full of ups and downs. He was hugely successful with Padmaavat, yet his solo movie Batti Gul Mater Chalu did not receive positive reactions from the fans. Karan asked Shahid whether he counted his flops or not. The actor answered playfully that it seemed to be challenging to score after 10 flopped movies.

What would happen if Ishaan had to be in an elevator in all Shahid’s exes?

Karan gave Ishaan an interesting question, asking that what would happen if the actor was stuck in an elevator together with all Shahid Kapoor's ex-lovers. However, Shahid did not let Karan finish his words. He bumped in and said that would be over-crowed if the situation did happen in reality.

From Shahid's point of view, what is his relationship with the industry?

Shahid described that there was "nothing" in his relationship with most of the Bollywood's parts. He stressed,

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Moreover, he said that he did not really have his social life since he got married. In fact, Shahid felt that was indeed not a positive way of living. He added,

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Shahid's thoughts on his parent's split-up matter

Karan also asked about what Shahid thought about his parents' situation. Shahid seemed to be emotional about the matter between Pankaj Kapoor and Neelima Azeem. He explained that there would be many things to learn from life, even if it was a separation of your beloved ones. He said,

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