Is Money Heist Based On A True Story? – Here Is The Answer!

Leela Adwani |Apr 14, 2020

It is very natural when people wonder if the gripping narratives which make us feel super real are from real-life events.

The arrival of Spanish hit series Money Heist’s season 4 turned out to be a hit on social media on April 3. The award-winning Netflix original show has truly cooked up a storm among the audiences with breathtaking sequences through four installments.

Money Heist
La casa de Papel

Part four of Money Heist picks up where season 3 left off. The thieves gang – Professor, Tokyo, Denver, Nairobi, Helsinki, Lisbon, and Stockholm – is in the middle of their intense heist at the national bank of Spain. And everything has gone haywire officially at the end of the fourth season.

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It goes very naturally when people wonder if the gripping narratives which make us feel super real are from real-life events. Yes, the question that is currently doing the rounds is “is Money Heist based on a true story?”

Money Heist Season 5
Money Heist isn't based on a true story

It might leave many disappoint but the answer is NO. The plots are entirely FICTIONAL. However, there is some inspiration from real life like the iconic red jumpsuit costume with Dali masks and the anti-fascist anthem Bella Ciao. Little do we know that the song is an Italian folk.

It’s not far off the mark to say Netflix deserves to get a big hit on their hands as Money Heist is likely to be continued for more challenging future robberies and of course, the Professor may take more cues from real life.

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Money Heist Theories 7
El Professor

If you spend the whole weekend binge-watch the latest season, then we know for sure that what are you thinking. Even though the answer for “is Money Heist based on a true story?” is no, we believe that as soon as parts 5,6,7 or even 8 of the show is released, you will be willing to block out at least one weak for watching the film.

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Remember! Is Money Heist based on a true story or not, but one thing we cannot deny that the show is so addictive that we should give you a health warning?


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