"I Don't See A Bad Side", Says Sexy Actress Shraddha Arya On Television Industry

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Aug 06, 2019

Shraddha was nervous about participating in the "Nach Baliye", she said "And that’s what happened even in the first act. I was nervous. But as soon as the music started playing, I was in a different world".

The popular sexy actress Kundali Bhagya actress Shraddha Arya says it's her choice to be a part of the television industry, and that she doesn't see anything negative about it. It's been over a decade since she joined the industry and she has no complaints.

"I don't see the bad side. It's my choice to be in this industry. I like it that's why I am here. Television doesn't take away anything from you. It only gives you - financially and emotionally... (you get the) love of people. Everything is great," Shraddha told IANS.

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She has acted in films such as Paathshaala and Nishabd as well but doesn't distinguish between working for television, films and web series. "At the end of the day, you are an actor. You are facing the camera. You are portraying a character. It doesn't make a difference," she said.

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Most TV shows lately either fold up soon or replace actors. Doesn't she fear that she could face such a situation someday?

"No. It is what the industry is made of. You never know where you are or what you are doing... whether you are doing the show or doing something else. But the show must go on - one show or the other. As actors, it's our job to find one job after the other. It never scares me. It's alright. If this thing starts scaring me then I don't think I can survive in the industry or any actor can (survive)," said Shraddha.


Shraddha cites her family as the key to her survival. "My family is my biggest support. Whether I have a beautiful day or a bad one, I hug my mother and everything (becomes alright)," she said.

Kundali Bhagya is one of the most popular fiction shows on Indian television right now. She has also successfully managed to slip into the zone of non-fiction reality TV with Nach Baliye.

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Shraddha was nervous about participating in the Nach Baliye, she said "And that’s what happened even in the first act. I was nervous. But as soon as the music started playing, I was in a different world. Alam and I, both gave our best and it was a new feeling. Also, as you said, I have started my journey on a stage and so it was also quite nostalgic for me."

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Things didn't go well for Shraddha and she left the show midway. Talking about that, Shraddha Arya confessed, "Yes, I am unwell and have had a terrible back injury on the sets of Khatra Khatra but opting out of a commitment that I have made to myself and the makers, is something that can never be on my mind."

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Talking more about her painful injury, the actress said, "I have a tissue tear on the left side of my upper back. It did create a lot of trouble during rehearsals for my first performance but it hasn't taken away my spirit to outshine in the show. I got multiple scans for the injury. It was so difficult initially as anyone who would even touch me at the back while rehearsing, would make it unbearable for me and I would howl in pain. But my choreographers have been really sweet and helpful and are coping up with me.

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They also do the exercises that I have been asked to do by my doctor, to give me company. But now I am much better. I am taking proper medication and am under the doctor's supervision. So, I have recovered as compared to my state before, and you can say I am 50% better and will soon be all fit and fine. I really don't know why all this buzz is going around of me leaving the show, it's all just so wrong. I hope next time when someone writes something about me, its true and factually correct and not just haywire."

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Talking about Shraddha, last year she had opened about her past relationship on Rajeev Khandelwal's chat show JuzzBaatt.

Shraddha had said, "I had got engaged to a guy through an arranged marriage set up but it didn't seem to materialize. As time went by, our relationship hit a rough patch and it led to a lot of problems which took a toll on us. Though we gave our 100 percent to the relationship, we eventually decided to part ways. From my personal experience I have learned one thing, if you realize that your relationship has reached a dead end, you must speak up."

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Her ambition as an actor is to reach a level where people relate to the characters she plays on the screen. "(My ambition is) to do the roles you want to do and do them with conviction. If you do it with conviction, people believe in you and relate to you. That's what I strive to achieve. Sometimes I don't achieve it. Sometimes I feel I could have done better. It happens every day, in some scene or the other. It is a constant struggle an actor goes through - to be her or his best before the camera," she winds up.

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Shraddha has appeared in television shows like Main Laxmi Tere Aangan Ki, Tumhari Paakhi and Dream Girl. She has also done films such as Paathshala and Nishabd and been a part of major ad campaigns with brands like TVS, Scooty, Pears and Johnson and Johnson.

Since 2017, she has been portraying the role of Dr. Preeta Arora in Zee tv's Kundali Bhagya.


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