Hasan Minhaj's Most Ridiculous Moments On India's Lok Sabha Elections

Priyansh Ha |Mar 20, 2019

The show is not complete if he doesn’t talk about cricket!

On the latest episode of the Patriot Act, Hasan Minhaj took on the complexities and controversies of the approaching Lok Sabha elections.


To describe the whole picture of the election, Minhaj dug into the Pulwama terror attack, demonetization, the 2G scam, the Assam NRC,  the controversy around jobs report. He also talked about the song ‘Tum Paas Aaye’  and Yogi “a monk with a gun” Adityanath. Yes, he literally did it.

Here are the collection of 10 most hilarious moments when he punctured cogent points with his sense of humor.  

1. Talk About Kashmir Without Its Map

When it comes to the Pulwama terror attack, Netflix does not allow the show to put up Kashmir map on the screen. They’re afraid of being sued by the government.

And here is how Minhaj deal with it.


2. The ‘Eco-terrorism’ Of Indian Air Strike

Wading into the minefield of the Balakot Strike, the host referred to India’s air strike conflicting report in which Pakistan said IAF’s bombed their trees.

The host playfully said that Pakistan was about to complain with the UN as the tree attack was ‘eco-terrorism’. And India would respond as it was because their maps were a blur.  "And, just so you know, those trees are terrorists," he joked.

3. Times Now’s Infamous ‘Newshour’ Debate

Talking about the cacophony on ‘NewsHour’, Minhaj said: “Every desi living room talking about politics.”


4. How He Wrap Up The Political Campaign Of Narendra Modi

5. The Rahul-Modi Hug

6. And Modi’s Press-conferences

The host described it as we posted on Instagram then disable the comment section.


7. An Indian Version Of Michael Buble

The pictures can tell it all!


8. What's Funny About Shashi Tharoor’s Accent?

Although no one from BJP made an appearance on Minhaj’s show, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor showed up as a cameo. The hilarious thing is that Minhaj couldn't stand his accent which sounds like “a moose in a Pixar film.”


9. The Way He Talk About The RSS ‘Manifesto’

This is such a wide-ranging episode which even took on MS Golwalkar’s book Bunch of Thoughts, which is known as a guideline for a right-wing organization.

Talking about the title, he said that it sounds more like a post-divorce Medium post than the manifesto of a radical movement.


10. The Show Is Not Complete If He Doesn’t Talk About Cricket

“We don’t need the threat of nuclear warfare to flex nationalism. That’s why we have cricket. India-Pakistan match is nuclear warfare.

Watch the full episode here:


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