"Happy With Moosa Character", Says "The Family Man" Star Neeraj Madhav

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Oct 14, 2019

"Madhav said when he joined the cast, he realized he had handled a decent job since everyone needed to play Moosa", says Madhav.

As Moosa in The Family Man, Neeraj Madhav has been a genuine disclosure however the character's prevalence doesn't come as a total astonishment to the entertainer, who realized that the open door was an exhibition gold.


Madhav as Moosa kept everybody speculating till the end as he steps by step changes from a man trapped in terrible conditions to the focal reprobate in the Manoj Bajpayee-drove Amazon Prime Video arrangement. His character's backstory is as surprising and unfortunate as his change into a merciless fear monger.

The entertainer understood his job hit the correct harmony when his web-based social networking records began flooding with messages from individuals lauding his presentation.

Neeraj The Family Man

"I'm fortunate to have been furnished with Moosa because a character ought to happen to an on-screen character. This was the character I was hanging tight for in my profession. I predominately work in Malayalam film and I have never accomplished something so serious. I'm very happy this transpired," Neeraj Madhav told PTI in a meeting.

Neeraj Madhav

The Malayalam entertainer said Moosa reverberated with individuals since chief couple Raj and DK required the push to comprehend the character as an individual.

"It makes Moosa more others conscious instead of being only an ordinary scoundrel. Many individuals could associate with his injury," Neeraj Madhav said.

Madhav said when he joined the cast, he realized he had handled a decent job since everyone needed to play Moosa. Be that as it may, the enormous test for Madhav about breaking the job was the absence of references and the steady moves in the character's enthusiastic state.

"At whatever point you are playing another character, you generally have someone from your life to take a reference from, similar to a companion or a relative. Be that as it may, for this situation, you haven't met a fear monger. You don't have the foggiest idea what their identity is, the reason they are how they are or what they think. There is no close to the home point of view."

The entertainer said he chose to separate Moosa's character and "react to the feeling of the specific scene without going a lot into the inspiration. I needed the specific scene that I was in to persuade without considering this bad*** fellow. That worked for me and the chiefs. I attempted to live in each scene such that it looks persuading. At the point when you set up together the scenes, you comprehend the chart."


One reason the show has clicked, Madhav stated, is because the chiefs required the push to cast entertainers as per the territorial foundations of the characters, giving it a credible dish India advance. Reviewing how he came to be a piece of the show, the entertainer said when he got a call from Mukesh Chhabra, he didn't think a lot about the role and mentioned somebody from the group to brief him.


"I expected a call from an associate executive or somebody like that yet I got a call from DK who revealed to me that appeared to be well-suited for the character so I should try out. I was completely overwhelmed by the brief."


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