VIDEO: Woman Masturbates In IKEA China Store, Alleged To Be A Porn Star

Salena Harshini |May 21, 2020

A Chinese woman is seen posing multiple sexual positions while touching herself in a store of IKEA China. Video inside!

Recently, the security has been increased and famous furniture chain IKEA had to apologize after the sensitive 2-minute X-rated footage at their store went viral.

The video shows a Chinese woman masturbating on multiple sofa couches and beds in a shop floor where there were many young children, elderly and pensioners walking by. However, they -luckily- did not notice the act.

The uncensored video was then taken down from social networks, but with the extremely high interest, even the notice from the Swedish giant attracted 9 million views.

Chinese Woman Ikea china
Chinese officials were left stunned and fuming by the act

The pornographic video displays the woman half-naked in a white shirt touching herself in many of the store’s sections.

She first seated on a chair, pleasing herself while thrusting her bottom towards the lens.

The unidentified woman then went to a bed with her legs spread open – at some point seemingly caught the attention of some guys walking by – before getting rid of her shirt in a more concealed spot.

ikea china Woman
IKEA China has been getting a lot of attention since the release of the pornographic video

Some users on social media have identified her as a Chinese porn star called Fullfive, although there has been no confirmation.

Her disturbing activity is alleged to be recorded in the IKEA branch in Guangzhou’s Tianhe district, the capital city of Guangdong province in South China.

The time of the actual footage remained a myth and other shoppers can be seen not wearing face masks.

For the unversed, the Chinese woman can be put in jail.

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ikea china
The woman and the cameraman could face prison charges

IKEA China said it had laid a complaint with cops about her smutty behavior.

IKEA China shared it had filed a complaint to the police about her vulgar behavior. Global Times, a Chinese government tabloid newspaper, also condemned the wide span “pornography” across the Internet when it went viral – prior to being censored.

The daily said that “Fullfive” and the cameraman could have to cope with criminal charges consisting of an up-to-3-year prison term for  "spreading obscene material".

The social network platforms that the X-rated video was posted on is anticipated to come under observation for not managing to filter the content.

The embarrassed furniture brand stated that IKEA China was taking the problem very seriously.

"We oppose and condemn these actions and have reported the incident to the police.

"IKEA is committed to providing home inspiration for the public.

"We will increase security and cleaning in order to create a safe, comfortable, and healthy shopping experience and environment."

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