Game Of Thrones Season 8: Kit Harington Says He "Completely Broke Down" After Shooting The Final Scene

Maanyata Thu |Apr 15, 2019

"Game of Thrones" season 8 episode 1 will premiere in a couple of hours, Kit Harington recollects the last scene he shot for the cult fantasy drama.

Kit Harington, who plays the role of Jon Snow in the HBO's acclaimed fantasy series Game of Thrones, has talked about his final day on the set of the TV series in a recent interview to InStyle, saying that he ‘completely broke down after it.’

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It has been about ten years since Kit Harington was cast for the HBO’s smash hit, so we surely understand why it is hard for him to say goodbye to his character, Jon Snow.

How Much Kit Harington Earn From Games Of Throne
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The 32-year-old star told InStyle,

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Kit Harington added that he had previously been at other cast’s wraps like Peter Dinklage (as Tyrion Lannister) and Sophie Turner (as Sansa Stark), seeing them all break down and collapse after finishing their scenes and this emotion happened to him too.

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Talking about the ending of the fantasy series, Kit expressed that he still can't believe this is the ‘actual ending.’ He said,

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Also, the 32-year-old actor revealed that they had to shoot the six episodes of season eight for nine months while it only took six months for the last ten episode-long seasons.

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Meanwhile, Game of Thrones final season episode 1 will premiere in India within just a couple of hours. Obviously, there are a thousand emotions running through the mind of hardcore fans now, from joy for the show's return, curiosity to find out who will defeat the Night King and his White Walkers as well as win the Iron Throne to sadness when realizing that we are about to say goodbye to one of the best TV series ever and our favorite characters.


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