Game Of Thrones: Without Her Dragons, Daenerys Would Have Been Dead A Long Time Ago!!!

Jyotis |Apr 15, 2019

Why is there so much hate for Mother of Dragons among "Game of Thrones" fans? Will she die in the final season?

Game of Thrones’ final season is the hottest topic these days, fans of the infamous TV series are finally going to know who will win the Iron Throne. Among the characters who survive the final season stands Dany Daenerys (the Mother of Dragons), and also very likely is a strong expectant. Unfortunately, some of her decisions in 8 years displease the fans, which makes her one of the first names to be crossed out on the “future ruler of Westeros” list.

Oh wait, let us explain: We love Dany, too. When she frees all the slaves, destroys the masters, and takes over the Unsullied Army must be hands down one of the most epic moments of the show. But it does not change the fact that some other times, her actions somewhat received hate. Here are those:

Regardless of the consequences

Dany wants people to look up to her as a righteous conqueror, bringing freedom and peace to wherever she goes. The fact is most of the time she does it without paying attention to the result in the future to come. It sounds like a good thing to do when she frees the slaves in Meereen, only to get things to go all wrong unexpectedly as they have no support social structure afterward.

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Unable to train her own beasts

Of course, Dany could ask the dragon to breathe fire whenever she wants, but she can’t stop them killing even an unharmful child. And when she finally realized how powerless she is to control these killing machines, all she could do is to imprison them in a tomb. Is it ironic how she always talks about the dragons as her children, then just go on to get rid of them without even thinking of looking for a dragon trainer?

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Overrate herself

Dany has been after the throne as something she deserves rightfully, but the question is: Does she has enough knowledge about Westeros to be its ruler? She has no idea about its citizens, the region or the families. As if those are not enough, she even claimed she remembered nothing of living in the land. Legally, the throne is known to be taken from her father, after he went out of his mind and intended to set all of his things on fire. His action makes all of his daughter’s claims of the throne defective - which, she keeps on and on to nag anyone she meets.

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Without the dragon, Dany would not be the Daenerys

Of all the worst scenarios Dany has been through so far, her dragons are always the rescuers. She is not a typical heroic female hero and to be honest; the princess has not ever delivered any rousing speech to urge her soldiers into battle. She prefers to chill out behind the fighting scenes and let it be, which is opposite of Jon Snows or Jaime Lannisters who would always want to have full control of their army.


Any fans of the Game of Thrones cannot deny that being able to use dragons is an awesome power, but if she lost all of her dragons, would she be able to survive through all seven seasons?


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