Game Of Thrones Season 8: Episode 1 - Jon Snow's Real Identity Wins Tons Of Reactions From Twitter

Priyansh Ha |Apr 16, 2019

Here's how Twitter reacts to the shocking truth. However, we still need to wait until the next episode to see Daenerys' reaction.

After the first episode was on-air last night, fans are not only getting excited but going wild when Jon Snow’s real identity was unveiled. Instead of being a Ned Stark’s bastard, he turns out to be a Targaryen. The shocking truth is doing the rounds on the Internet and win tons of reactions from fans all over the world.

Jon Snow Daenerys
Jon Snow and Daenerys  (source: The Wrap)

He Is The Rightful Heir Of The Iron Throne

The first episode spilled the beans about Jon’s birth parents who are Lyanna Stark and Aegon, Rhaegar Targaryen’s son. His dad is the rightful heir to the iron throne. To keep Jon safe from Robert Baratheon, who wanted to revenge Rhaegar for kidnapping Lyanna, Ned raised him on his own. It’s none other than Bran Stark who discovers the hidden truths, saying that he is originally a Targaryen. The theory is further supported when Gilly and Samwell Tarly discover that Lyanna and Rhaegar’s secret marriage. Now it’s time for Jon to know the truth about this identity.

The Most Trending Topic On Twitter Today

The revelation of Jon Snow’s identity is definitely the hottest topic on Twitter today. Here’s how fans react to it. 

Fans all agree that he deserves to be the true King of the Seven Kingdoms. One user said that he has been waiting for this moment for so long while another wondered how Daenerys would react to the truth.

“Your mother was Lyanna Stark. Your father...your real father was Rhaegar Targaryen. You've never been a bastard; you're Aegon Targaryen, the true heir to the Iron Throne,” Sam tells Jon.

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Of course, it’s hard for Jon to believe it, that his father Ned told lies to him for his entire life. Sam, however, explained that it was just to protect him from the enemies. It’s not Daenerys but Jon Snow who is the rightful heir of the throne.

Stay tuned for more updates on Game of Thrones season 8.


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