Ex Bigg Boss Contestant Kishwer Merchant Feels This Season Was Fishy

Imran Asif Fazal |Feb 23, 2020

Ex Bigg Boss contestant Kishwer Merchant feels that show makers were biased in portraying Sidharth on national television.

Bigg Boss 13 became one of the controversial season ever. With huge viewership and fan base, the show received huge backlash and it landed into major controversy after Sidharth Shukla was declared as the winner. Ex Bigg Boss contestant Kishwer Merchant has now raised question over this season being rigged. She claimed that there is a possibility that certain contestants had access to outside information.

Kishwer Merchant
Kishwer erchant believes Sidharth Shukla did not deserve to win Bigg Boss 13

Recently, an ex employee of Colors TV  had claimed that Bigg Boss makers were biased and declared Sidharth Shukla as the winner though equal votes were received by Asim Riaz. Twitter India had released a data which revealed that Sidharth Shukla became the highest tweeted contestant on the micro-blogging site. However, the Colors TV and both contestants have denied that the show was rigged and rubbished all allegations.

In an interview to a media agency, Kishwer Merchant said that she is not sure if the show was rigged but she feels that Sidharth did not deserves to win the show. But she feels that in this season, lot of things were taking place inside the house and outside information was shared y the contestants. She also said that during her season, rules were strict and we did not get phones or special food. People often ask her similar questions but her answer was that they were not given any special treatment.

While watching the show, Kishwer Merchant felt that something was rigged. She is not sure though how outside information was shared with contestants. Its not only her who feels the same but fans have also noticed the same. Talking about Sidharth, Kishwer said that even though he was wrong on certain points but he was projected in a positive light. She felt it very contrasting as the show makers portrayed incidents in a biased manner.


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