Chhavi Mittal Clarifies On Instagram About Her Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Jun 24, 2019

"I still haven't got a green signal to start my workouts", said the actress Chhavi Mittal

Actress Chhavi Mittal recently welcomed her second child Arham. The actress was so much active on social media during her pregnancy period as well as post-delivery. Chhavi Mittal broke the internet when she wrote about her traumatic child Hypno birth experience at the hospital.

Chhavi had recently posted a photo of herself on social media that she shed all the post-pregnancy weight in just 6 weeks of giving birth.

Responding to all of these comments and queries on post-pregnancy weight loss, Chhavi Mittal clarified in a new post that she has not started working out at all.

Chavvi Mittal wrote on Instagram, "A lottttt of you are asking me how I lost the weight in a week post my delivery. We'll, here's what I know... But to be clear, I have NOT lost the weight yet, and I'm 6 weeks PP. I know how eager a woman can be to get back into shape and get into those pre-pregnancy jeans, but this is the time to recover and heal more than anything. So before your 6 weeks are up, don't even think about doing anything. Having said that, as important as it is to rest, it is also really important to be on your feet. It'll not only help you get back into shape faster but is also imperative for you to heal, even in a C-section.”

She also wrote, “I still haven't got a green signal to start my workouts.. but when I do, I will run, skip, swim and weight train. I'm simply itching to lift those weights again! Meanwhile, my endeavor is to slow down a bit, coz I know, I WILL lose the weight with the sheer determination & will power I have.”

So keeping all this in mind, let me tell you, when you BF your LO, it's your body's way of telling your brain that the baby is out to shrink the uterus back. So there's yet another reason to BF. And I refrain from attacking processed sugar. I have switched to jaggery to satisfy my sweet cravings. Even the location laddoos have jaggery in them. So, for now, this is all I do. I will share my diet & workout regime in another 2 weeks, mommies! Love & peace till then!", she added.


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