TV Actress Chhavi Mittal Opens Up On About Her Hypnobirthing Experience

Vaishnavi Gavankar |May 24, 2019

"Hypnobirthing is that the birthing experience is shared equally by the mother and father both. It was Mohit's responsibility to allow the birth to progress naturally", said the television actress Chhavi Mittal.

Actress Chhavi Mittal recently welcomed her second child who named Arham. The actress was so much active on social media during her pregnancy period as well as post-delivery. Although her post-delivery period was not that easier for her but Chhavi feels like this is the dream come true.

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Actress Chhavi Mittal during her hypnobirthing process.

Recently, Chhavi's husband Mohit Hussein posted a cute picture of their baby on his social media account with a caption, "Long road ahead before he will fit into all things mine and the process is going to be exciting. Each day will bring a new challenge and each day will also bring joys. Look forward to the challenging joys of the present and future".

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The actress also shared a birth story of Arham and her motherhood experience on a social media post. She wrote, "Chapter 1: A dream come true. It was mother's day. The perfect setting to have a baby. I held the baby in till the baby gave me signs that it wanted to come out. I went into natural labor at 10 pm when I was tucking in my little Areeza. I didn't know at the time that it was going to be my last time alone with her for a long time.

Instinctively she didn't want to leave me and kept coming back after repeated goodnights and hugs. And instinctively I knew that my long-delayed hospital stay was going to begin tonight. Sure enough, my mucous plug came off soon after Areeza slept, and I went to the hospital, all bags packed, on the doctor's advice. At 1 am my membranes released (water broke) and by 6 am the next morning, I was already 7 cm dilated. No epidural. Just meditation, and an extremely loving and caring husband by my side".

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Actress Chhavi Mittal with her daughter Areeza.

"One of the most important things about hypnobirthing is that the birthing experience is shared equally by the mother and father both. It was Mohit's responsibility to allow the birth to progress naturally, controlling me in case I felt weak in my resolve for an all-natural birth, to light up my labor room with candles, incense, and fairy lights.. to play calming music, to do pain relief massages, to remind me to drink water and eat high energy foods, and to hold my hand when I went to the washroom (which was every 15 minutes I think, or at least it felt so). I even slept through some of the labor. It was so peaceful and relaxing," she further added. Towards the end of her Instagram post, Chhavi promised that she will share the chapter 2 soon with everyone.

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Today, the actress shared the second chapter of her hypnobirthing process. She wrote, "Chapter 2: The Panic Begins. At 8 am my doctor came into my room and administered a drug intravenously. Within seconds I felt dizzy, I felt weak, my throat started to choke.. and I threw up. I panicked. She said this was just to hasten the dilation (I don’t know why we needed to hasten it though, but you gotta trust your doctor). Right that second, I was thrown out of my calming and peaceful zone. I couldn’t do the calm breaths anymore. I could see my dream birth slipping away from my hands.

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Another thing about hypnobirthing is that it has to be all natural. The minute you start administering drugs, it becomes medicalized. Sort of defeats the whole purpose. Which is why I had shared my typed birth plan with the entire hospital staff. The head of the hospital, the doctor, the nursing staff, the pediatrician, and everyone who was remotely involved. Some snippets: Mohit will be by my side every single minute. He will not leave even for paperwork (hence we made the entire payment weeks in advance). Allow us time. No rushing with labor.

Delayed cord clamping after birth. Allow the placenta to stop pulsating before cutting. (50% of the baby’s blood lies in the placenta and the baby needs it to breathe in the first few minutes of birth and needs the blood to come back to its body. The damage that the early clamping of cord causes is way too great). Give the baby to the mother before any kind of testing. All tests to wait for 15 minutes.

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There were various other small things that were mentioned in the birth plan and we were assured that all our requests will be respected. After we got the assurance we needed, we were sure that our choice of doctor and caregivers was indeed right. We put our trust in them. Because there’s no greater trust than the one you put in the person who brings your unborn to this world.
But was our decision right? The only time was to tell.. To be continued...".

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Sharing the cute picture of her son, she had written, "This little man. Who came out from my body, feeds from it, sleeps on it, can't be without it... Motherhood is the world's MOST fulfilling thing! But there are people who will try to put a dent in your ecstasy of being a mother... This post goes out to mothers who face what I'm facing all over again as a second-time mommy. Judgment. * Mommies, no matter what you do, there will be someone who doesn't approve of it. The way you look after your LO, the way you bathe him/her, the way you even nurse! And then there are things said about what you eat, drink, where you go, how you talk, your demeanor, so on and so forth."

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" I personally am a super strong woman mentally (second-time motherhood does that to you, right mommies?) and don't let these things affect me... but my heart goes out to the new mothers who are still trying to find their feet, trying to struggle with their recuperating bodies while doing everything in their capacity and beyond to make sure the little angel in their arms is protected. So mommies, remember this when someone puts doubt in your pretty head. YOU are a mother. You have just created a miracle. NOBODY can match that. What you need is to be half kind to yourself, as you are to the cute bundle of joy in your arms. Love and peace from me to you mommies."

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The actress faced lots of problems during pregnancy, but her hypnobirthing period made her strong and positive throughout the process. She shared her picture on social media and wrote "My feet are so swollen that even flip flops don't fit. So is the rest of my body. My head hurts like it'll explode, due to the spinal tap. I've gone deaf in one ear, also an extremely rare side effect of the spinal tap. I'm supposed to drink 5 liters of water, and getting up to go the loo takes 15 minutes. Lying down is the only position that gives me comfort, sometimes I even eat in that position. But right now, at 1 am, I'm doing some office work when the baby sleeps and there's some peace. I know this will pass. This pain will be forgotten. But will the pain that I endured on my soul during the birth be ever forgotten? Sharing my birth story soon, when I feel ready.#birthstory #birth #pain #chhavimittal#mypregnancyjourney #labourroom#ot".

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The actress kept herself busy and fit throughout her pregnancy as well. "Birthing a baby is the most natural thing for a woman's body. Respect your body for that, love your Body for that and be kind to your body by not conditioning your mind with these preconceived notions about pain and discomfort during birthing. It is not true. Your birthing experience will only be as calm as your mind. So take things in your comfort like I have, like millions of women across the globe have, like the women working in the fields has, like your mother and granny and their mother and granny did. You are women. You have the power. Just take back the control of your mind. All the best ladies. #affirmations", she added.

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Chhavi Mittal with her husband Mohit Hussein.

She married to Mohit Hussein in 2005, and they had their first child name Areeza.

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Actress Chhavi Mittal

She co-founded Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT), a digital production company, along with her husband Mohit Hussein. She had worked with television serials like Teen Bahuraaniyaan, Tumhari Disha, Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann, Bandini,... She had also worked with two Bollywood Hindi films as a supporting character like Ek Vivaah... Aisa Bhi, Kaisey Kahein. 


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