"Bigg Boss 13": "Angry Young Man" Asim Riaz Was Among The First Troublemakers

Harshini |Oct 02, 2019

"Bigg Boss 13" was out recently and right from day one, professional model Asim Riaz was already targeted by his housemates for a variety of reasons.

Bigg Boss is among the top reality shows of India and it has recently come back to the screens with the 13th season. Post the grand premiere taking place on Sunday, Bigg Boss 13 kick-started on Monday and that means the same with controversies and fights in the house of BB.

Bigg Boss 13 Contestantsf

Right from day one, professional model Asim Riaz was criticized by his housemates for a variety of reasons. First, he was asked to put on a T-shirt as well as not sleep in only shorts. He did not agree to do according to the request. But later, the female contestants had managed to persuade him to don one.

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Even more than that,  Paras Chhabra - Splitsvilla winner and Siddharth Dey were uncomfortable with Asim Riaz because he used inappropriate words in his rapping session. First, he was targeted for talking in English. Then, Asim’s racist comments about South Africans once again made him stand on the receiving end of the housemates.

The model was accused of centering round coming from Jammu and Kashmir so as to “attract votes”. Looking at the whole fighting stuff, we can be quite sure that Asim Riaz will not have a trouble-free time in the house of Bigg Boss.


What makes this season different from the previous is that it has a brand new concept. Ameesha Patel will take the role of the ‘maalkin of the house’. She will arrive occasionally at the house to assign a number of spellbinding tasks for the show’s contestants.

The second task of Ameesha was called "Maalkin Chahti Hai" in which the girls were required to pick two boys to carry on some games included in the given task. It depended on the results and performances that Ameesha Patel handed ‘black hearts’ to Paras and Asim. The hearts’ disadvantage will then be informed to the two within the week.


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