“Bigg Boss 13”: 5 Times Fans Burst Into Laughter With Salman Khan’s Entertainment

Ankita Chetana |Oct 07, 2019

After going on floors, “Bigg Boss 13” has consecutively frozen the entertaining TV shows for its hilarious characteristics and popularity. Look back some moments from the reality show stealing our sorrow away!

The first Weekend Ka Vaar of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 13 has completed its destiny to break the headlines as the previous seasons. Apart from some controversies related to the contestants, the reality TV show created fun and laughter to blow all the blues away.


At the beginning of the show, the Bharat superstar as the host of Bigg Boss 13 entered the colorful house with ‘Tan Tana Tan’, one of his favourite numbers since Judwaa. Then he gave a reality check to all the housemates that showed what they would do during the week.

bigg boss 13 weekend ka vaar

Mocking the contestants such as Siddharth Dey or Para Chhabra or praising them, these are all kinds of joy Salman did to promote the show’s entertaining nature. So, let’s recall 5 times he left us with a laugh riot!

He considered Siddharth Dey as horny

Siddharth Dey on Bigg Boss 13

The word ‘horny’ is originated from ‘horn’ but Salman Khan considered that Siddharth’s hairstyle like horns comes from his horny characteristics. Jokes fueled the way Salman asked the contestant to give out an explanation and the reason for other people to give him that title.

He wondered the way kissing burns calories

paras on Bigg Boss 13

As a host of the popular TV show, the actor knows well how to emerge the materials from participants to blast his sense of humour. He chose Paras's clip saying that a kiss can burn 800 calories to show out and later questioned Paras how the process works and the methods of doing it.

The gym-lover further added that those who do gymnastic exercises would prefer to kiss than practicing cardio.

He made a fascinating pair with Shehnaaz Kaur Gill

The pair is successful in juggling each other during the show time when she created a nickname for herself as ‘Punjab ki Katrina Kaif’ and he followed it.

Shehnaaz Kaur Gill and salman khan on Bigg Boss 13

With a tape of punching and rubbing, Salman didn’t hesitate to mock Shehnaaz just somehow when she took time to understand something. But besides, he also gave quick praise when she performed the tasks well. More than that, Salman asked her to dance under the theme of Bhumro and affronted Paras for bad singing.

He pointed out the pimple on Shefali’s face

After Salman informed that Shefali is safe, Siddharth immediately put a peck on one side of her head. This became the source to make sense of humour as the host drove it awkward saying it out loud and laughing at Siddharth.

Siddharth give a peck to Shefali on Bigg Boss 13

Then Salman turned to tell the lady that the spot Siddharth just gave a kiss on was rising a pimple.

He imitated Asim’s accent

salman khan funny on Bigg Boss 13

The superstar has been creating a fun atmosphere to his own show by imitating Asim’s accent since the premiere launched. Then in the latest episodes, he kept doing this and still made fun among the audience as well as the contestants.

On being asked if the show would sign a break deal, the Bollywood actor shared: “I don’t know. They have their research team. They also say that it makes them money and people watch it. They are also getting TRPs. And not just in Hindi but they also have the show in Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and even Bengali. And all of them are doing well.”

Salman Khan has been driving his popular show Bigg Boss 13 in the whole of India by incredible leading day by day. And the hilariously entertaining things he did in the show just made our days. Keep your mood up with Bigg Boss 13.


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