Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth And Rohit Suchanti Have Argument, New Task Allows Contestants Enter Semi-final Directly

ThuyNT |Dec 07, 2018

Big Boss 12 keeps interesting to the audience with many strategies and fight such as the argument between Sreesanth And Rohit Suchanti or conflict among Somi Khan,Jasleen Matharu and Romil Chaudhary.

The TV show Bigg Boss 12 had an interesting episode on Tuesday. Another task was given to create the chance for contestants to go semifinals. Nevertheless,  Sreesanth and Rohit Suchanti had fought while Somi Khan had blamed Jasleen Matharu for utilizing men for assistance.

Rohit Suchanti Bigg Boss Pic
Bigg Boss has proclaimed a new challenge for the competitors to get another opportunity to turn the game in their favor and consolidate their position in the captain's race. Besides, the new captain would have the chance to go directly to the semi-final, while other participants could retake their lost money.

Following the rules of the game, the competitors must gather the bag of the inmate in the house they wished to remove from the mission and board the school bus when the buzzer turned of. When the bus stopped, the first competitors leaving immediately would become the explanation for the candidate’s ineligibility of naming on his or her own bag. Therefore, the envelope which brings money in the bag will be put in the bonus.

Before the mission could start,  Sreesanth and Rohit Suchanti got involved in a bad argument because they prevented one another from joining the game. However, when the game started, Surbhi Rana was the person who went bad temper cause Romil Chaudhary grabbed her bag. But after that, Bigg Boss has interposed the situation and turned Romil into the supervisor.
During the task,  contestant Somi Khan had blamed Jasleen Matharu for utilizing men for assistance. Moreover, Somi didn’t approve of the fact that Jasleen is now making friend with Romil. While Romil tried to persuade Somi to believe that she still was his best friend in the house.

Among some strategies and fights, Deepak Thakur maybe played the game better when he succeeded to bring Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000 to the prize bonus. The game will keep playing in the next episode tonight and who will enter the race to become captain and go to the semi-final?


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