Bigg Boss 12: Viewers Are Unhappy With The Decision Of Eliminating Neha

Author |Oct 14, 2018

Bigg Boss 12 producers have made a back to back introduction about the show twists. One week ago, the very first surprise of the show existed in the nomination form.

Bigg Boss 12 producers have made a comeback to the show twists. One week ago, the very first surprise of the show existed in the nomination form. In the house of Bigg Boss 12, Neha Pendse, Karanvir Bohra, and Sreesanth are the three strongest contestants.

Without delay, they were given the nomination for eviction. The second shock involved when the makers of the show sent Sreesanth to a secret room. And, the third astonishment to amuse the audiences also came as the form of “recommendation” again. But, Neha and KVB had to be subjected to the weekend elimination.

Bigg Boss 12

It was such a sad news that Neha suffered from the unexpected elimination in the Bigg Boss 12. At first, she appears to underperform. But, then the actress had a more in-depth understanding of the game. That’s why fans and audiences could see her playing in a fair-minded way. Unluckily, Neha Pendse experienced the eradication from the Bigg Boss 12 12 just because of having no ability to kick up a fuss or any controversies.

This incident leads to an upset between not only her fans but also the audiences of Bigg Boss 12. As a result, viewers have considered the show unfair or prejudiced. Moreover, audiences felt tremendously upset because they are about to send love and support for the actress. Also, They could identify that she was a talented contestant of the show. Hence, she didn’t deserve the elimination out of Bigg Boss 12. Currently, fans are expressing their expectation for her to come back at the position of wild card entry. See how fans comment to know their reactions!

Bigg Boss 12

Tweets of Fan: Pankaj Rakwal

This twitter account shared his opinion that he surely boycott the Bigg Boss 12. This is a pre-planned show that only wastes the time of the audiences. Furthermore, regarding the TRP, the show makers only seem to do useless things.

To be more specific, such competitors as Shivashish and Urvashi still have their appearance on the show. But, Bigg Boss 12 dislodged the contestant who plays with her own trustworthiness like Neha.

Bigg Boss 12

Shiivaan #Big Boss 12

This twitter account stated that producers of Bigg Boss 12 created an unfair game to eliminate Neha Pendse. Whereas, they intentionally kept other competitors who got fewer votes than Neha. This owner of this account will not be going to see the show anymore.

Bigg Boss 12

Twitter Account: @malikeknumber1

Not only fans but also a normal audience of the Bigg Boss 12 shows her support for Neha. She tweeted that she deserved to be in the house of the show. She thought that Neha should rank the 4th position. All in all, Neha is an excellent player.

Bigg Boss 12

Twitter Account: @Smile_Buddy17

This twitter account is not a fan of Neha. However, he still confirms that Neha should receive what she deserves. Thus, she should stay in the house of Bigg Boss 12 for a longer time.


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