Bigg Boss 12 Day 5 updates: Despair, loneliness and arguments

Author |Sep 21, 2018

The main highlight of today's (September 21, 2018) episode was when Bigg Boss asked the contestants to choose 2 contestants to go to jail.

Bigg Boss 12: In the September 21 episode, there was a highlighted scene that caught people's attention. Bigg Boss requested the house members to pick 2 candidates for imprisoning. The competitors thought it was only a rule with no harm. Karanvir ended up going to jail 'vonluntarily'. However, the show all of a sudden brought out a big surprise. He announced that those imprisoned members are specifically named for the eviction in next week. Due to the complicated situation, Sreesanth was totally mental-breakdown because of the shock news and the stressful atmosphere.

Here are some key points of this episode that you may have missed!

Sreesanth Breaks Down

Sreesanth is in despair

The new "Jodis" are Roshmi and Kriti. They start to have a discussion about the responsibilities and tasks in the house. Saba shares that she likes to work in the kitchen. Despite her expectation, Kriti doesn't let she have what she wants. Thus, she refuses to do anything else.

Sreesanth is baffled with despair because he has a homesick. He admits that he feels irritable and has experienced a considerable measure throughout the show and in reality. Other members in the house attempt to reassure him.

Bigg Boss Asks Contestant To Choose One Jodi & Single For ‘Kaal Kotri’

Bigg Boss's request to choose one captain and solo members for imprisoning

After the Jodis refuse her request, Saba decides to bother Kriti and Roshmi with the help of Somi. Kriti wants Saba give her a spoon yet Saba declines her quest. Saba tells her to do it by herself.

Afterward, Bigg Boss requests that the house-mates talk about among themselves and choose a Jodi and members for imprisoning (one captain and solo members).

KVB & Nirmal-Romil Sent To The Jail

KVB into jail with Romil and Nirmal

KVB fell asleep two times and ruined Bigg Boss's property. Because of those events, the contestants choose him, while the captain in the house choose Romil with Nirmal. Then suddenly the show drops a big bomb. Those members will not only be imprisoned but also may have to be eliminated a week after.

Neha & Dipika Discuss About Srishty

Neha talks behin Srishty's back and Dipika Joins her

Dipika feels that Srishty is scarcely blending with anybody. Neha completely agrees with her opinion. Anup also feels that and believes Srishty should go home first.

Jasleen & Deepak Argue

Jasleen have an argument with Deepak

Jasleen asks Deepak to stop his concerning captaincy as the mission is finished! They end up arguing with each other. Jasleen wants Anup to make it all clear with Deepak. Sreesanth requests that Deepak should discuss no more and he gets it.

Srishty Feels Lonely

Srishty is rolling in her loneliness

Afterward, Srishty is having a talk with Deepak. He discloses to Srishty that he will dependably help her if she needs. Because of his moving words, Srishty feels enthusiastic and begins to set tears. Srishty reveals that she is living in loneliness since she joined the show.

Kriti & Somi Argue

Kriti have a dissident with Somi

Kriti sees that Somi gives something to a member in the jail and she thinks that's a bad act. Somi answers that it's only a sanitizer for Romil. She thinks that is nothing big, it's just basic needs. She warns that Somi or even others should not let someone who is already imprisoned have anything. However, Somi never listens to Kriti. Somi discuss about the incident with Romil. They end up with the idea that Kriti is being too offensive.


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