Bigg Boss 12: Bandgi Kalra is excited for new season

Author |Sep 14, 2018

Bandgi became a household name thank for her stint in Bigg Boss 11.

New show, ex-contestant

One of the most controversial, difficult, amusing and watched-after show in India, 'Bigg Boss' show is all prepared keep viewers stayed before their television for hours. The 12th season of Bigg Boss will air its first episode on 16th September, and like usually Salman Khan the host will introduce the list of contestants this year. Before the 12th season, let's have a quick review with Bandgi Kalra, a Bigg Boss 11th contestant, during an interview, said that it was a difficult journey for her.

Bandagi Kalra is a 25-year-old woman from Delhi. She has achieved a lot of success and reputation through her modeling ability. Along with modeling, Bandgi has done very well in her research. She was a software engineer and worked at the MNC before came to Bigg Boss 11. She is a really energetic and simple girl.

Bandgi Kalra On Bigg Boss 12 01  Bandgi Kalra in her modeling career

When being asked, Bandgi said that she wouldn't join in another Bigg Boss season. What is the reason for her answer? She answered that she has no intention of participating again. After all, she has done what she has to. But she would like to revisit the show by making a guest appearance but not to compete as a contestant. "It was challenging and happy, my time at Bigg Boss. I have had a lot of every in that three months.”

Bandgi Kalra On Bigg Boss 12 02Bandgi Kalra in Bigg Boss 11

Bandagi Kalra on new show

About the 12th season she shared her expectation with us, she shared that before being a contestant she was not a dedicated fan of the Bigg Boss before. However, she is a fan of Salman Khan that's why she watched Weekend Ka Vaar before. But after the 11th show, she finished watching the two last seasons of Bigg Boss. Then she couldn't take her eyes off the screens. As what she has heard and the results they have received after the show, the 11th Bigg Boss was an excellent hit. Therefore, the producers and the contestants will have to work hard to go pass that bar. Because the bar that they have set-up is pretty high.

She is very excited for the 12th season. She just cannot catch up to the fact that it's has been already a year from her season. The show still feels familiar to her. She feels so connected with the show and she will watch the 12th season for sure, but she would be jealous because there are new people in “her house”. Two days ago, she told Puneesh how bizarre it would be for them to see new contestants on Bigg Boss. After Bandgi’s appearance on Bigg Boss 11th, she became a famous name. She was the most followed and eccentric contestant of the 11th show and her relationship and on-screen time with Puneesh Sharma made her stays in the spotlight.


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