Bepannaah: Harshad Chopda Just Wants To Meet Salman Khan in 'Bigg Boss 12'!

Bindhiya Nhi |Nov 23, 2018

Harshad Chopda is going to be on 'Bigg Boss 12' and he feels super excited only because of one person. His name is Salman Khan!

According to some sources, the famous show from Colors 'Bepannaah' was no longer on the online sites. The same thing would happen to 'Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka'. The channel also announced the two replacements: One is called 'Tantra' and another is called ' Vish Ya Amrit - Sitara'. Both shows are going to be on-air in December.  However, due to the fact that the two old shows received much love from the fans, Colors made a decision to broadcast them on Voot! 'Sisila' has already been confirmed to be on Voot!, but there has been nothing sure about 'Bepannaah' schedule yet. This uncertainty disappoints the 'Bepannaah' fans.

However, the fans could feel better with the appearance of Harshad Chopda on Bigg Boss 12. He is Aditya Hooda in 'Bepannaah' and his plan is to promote this show in 'Bigg Boss 12'. Despite the fact that Harshad is going to stick with the show for another period of time, Jennifer Winget's appearance is ambiguous. When the show is going on Voot!, can we still see her role?


Will Jennifer Be Back On The Show?

Jennifer Winget played as Zoya Siddiqui, a lead role in 'Bepannaah' together with Harshad Chopda. It is obvious that Jennifer's part in the show is important due to her interactions with Harshad. However, according to the news, she is currently occupied with a new project. Her appearance when 'Bepannaah' is back on Voot! is not confirmed. One sure thing is that if she really leaves the show, the fans will be totally in chaos. However, since nothing is officially released now, we can still hope that Jennifer can still stick with the show.


Harshad And His Intense Devotion To Salman Khan

Harshad Chopda is going to be on 'Bigg Boss 12' and this is a happy news for him. He confesses that he is a big fan of Salman Khan and they will get a chance to meet each other on the show. In an interview with Bollywoodlife, Harshad could not hide his excitement, saying that the best thing to be in 'Bigg Boss 12' is to see Salman Khan in person. The 'Beppanaah' actor also reveals that he never has a chance to meet Salman before.


Salman Khan is Harshad's childhood memories

Harshad really wants to meet Salman, and he even spends time thinking about what to do when he gets that precious chance.


Despite the fact that he is a big fan, Harshad also makes clear that he does not try to be a copy-cat version of the prominent actor. He just adores him but that does not mean he tries to follow every single thing to be another Salman.


Salman Khan Is His Inspiration

In addition, the 'Beppanaah' actor shares an interesting fact about his devotion to Salman Khan. Salman is his inspiration in terms of working out. He looks up to Salman and tries his best to work out to keep himself fit and healthy. Harshad says that he nearly watched all Salman's movies, starting from 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun'.

Harshad Just Wants To Meet His Idol

Harshad continues to share more about his love for the 'Dabangg' actor.


Harshad Is Not Interested In 'Bigg Boss'!

Surprisingly, Harshad Chopda says that he does not have any interests in 'Bigg Boss'. He even does not watch the show though he knows it is the talk in the town nowadays. However, he does not totally refuse the idea of joining the show as the main cast. His motto is 'Never say never'. According to him, he does not crave for too much, he just needs everything to be enough for him to feel comfortable.


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