Game Of Thrones Season 8: Arya Stark Kills Night King In The Latest Episode Becomes A Viral Challenge

Rena Quynh |May 04, 2019

Arya Stark killing Night King in "Game of Thrones" episode 3 is the newest viral challenge online. Let's explore how the fans react to it.

Game of Thrones season 8 latest episode The Long Night wrapped up with the most-talked moment in the final season so far when Arya single-handedly killed the all-powerful Night King by a swift knife to his chest.

Arya Challenge Kills Night King
Arya Stark kills Night King (Photo credit:

Arya's crucial kill shot just blew up the audience and it proves her pivotal role in Game of Thrones season 8.

On top of that, Arya's initial move with the knife to stab and finish the King of White Walkers is the Game of Thrones fans’ favorite moment. That badass move has clearly stuck with people. Fans are recreating the iconic move in what they call #TheAryaChallenge and it's already picking up steam on social media. The challenge has become a hit online, people mimic Arya’s sleight of hand with the weapon by dropping things like keys, remote control and a carrot from one hand into another and then stabbing the air.

Now the watchers are doing their own versions of the move and sharing it on Twitter with the hashtag #TheArya #aryachallenge.

The versions are varied and creative. Some people react to the scene in a hilarious way.

The video of her practicing with Gwendoline Christie truly shows her talent in handling a knife.


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