Arjun Rampal Acts A Sucidal Aviator In "The Final Call." Watch Its Teaser!

Advika Hue |Jan 25, 2019

Arjun Rampal plays the role of a suicidal pilot in "The Final Call", his first web series, which will be released on February 22.

Arjun Rampal 759
Arjun Rampal in a scene from "The Final Call."

The teaser of The Final Call, a web series starring Arjun Rampal, has just been launched online. In this show, Arjun plays the role of a pilot who is always sunk in his suicidal thoughts.

In the 52-second teaser, you can see Arjun’s character puts poisons into his bag; maybe he wants to kill everyone in the flight. You can also hear a voice saying that the pilot has once killed people before and he will do it once again.

Arjun's first web series is based on the book I Will Go With You: The Flight of A Lifetime by Priya Kumar. The book is about the story of a suicidal pilot who is supposed to ensure the passengers' safety but still loses his mind. He thinks that “life is not worth it” and wants to kill himself, along with the crew and everyone on broad.

All 300 passengers taking the SL502 flight from Dubai heading to New York, just like all of us, believe that travelling by plane will be the safest. But they have no awareness that the pilot taking charge of the flight decides to commit suicide and ends his life in mid-air. However, among the passengers, there is one individual who can sense danger existing in the plane. It is an astrologer who teases other people with his humorous predictions then he realizes that all the predictions somehow seem to be very deadly.

The series will be released on 22nd of February in ZEE5. Lately, ZEE5 has launched the drama Rangbazz, a drama about gangsters that heats up the streaming market in India. Netflix has also recently released the film Selection Day based on Aravind Adiga's novel. This Friday, Four More Shots Please will be made public by Amazon Prime Video.


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