Amazon Prime Has 7 Indian Series To Be In Production This Year: Mirzapur Is Back With A New Season

Bindhiya Nhi |Feb 16, 2019

Amazon Prime made an announcement on Tuesday about 7 local series for the Indian audiences. 6 of them are brand new series while Mirzapur is making a comeback.

Comicstaan will have a Tamil spin-off in 2019.

On Tuesday, Amazon Prime informed that there would be 7 Prime Original Series to be made in India. According to Amazon, 6 of those projects would be brand new series, and one of them would be a comeback show.

Jennifer Salke (Head of Amazone Studios) said they were happy to announce that there would be a lot of series to be in production this year.

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Amazone Prime acknowledged the audiences from India and other countries were in needs of local shows. Due to that fact, they were more than ready to provide the world with beautiful artworks from brilliant writers, directors and actors. Here are 7 Prime Original series from India that you should not miss!

Bandish Bandits 

Bandish Bandits is a new musical series created under the hand of Still and Still Media Collective. Director Anan Tiwari and script-writer Amritpal Singh Bindra are responsible for the production of the series. It is a love story for the young generation, which happens between classical singer Radhe and dynamic pop star Tamanna. They are not living in the same world right at the beginning, but throughout the series, the two go together on the same journey of discovering their true self to achieve their dreams.

The Last Hour 

The Last Hour has a mighty crew with Asif Kapadia as the producer and Amit Kumar as the director. This thriller series including several supernatural plot-twits take place in the Himalayas. It is planned to be produced in January.

Untitled drama thriller series 

This is also a thriller series dealing with crime scenes and investigation. However, this untitled series is also a documentary in which modern society is revealed along with scathing remarks. Sudip Sharma is the creator of this series, and Clean Slate Films is responsible for the production of the series in February.

Untitled drama series 

Under the hand of Ali Abbas Zafar, this new series focuses on Indian politics and will be produced in March. It will take a closer look into the dark side of the country politicians, showing how they try to manipulate each other just to have the power to control. This situation makes the young people frustrated, and they are always filled with the aspiration to change the country.

Untitled Reality Series 

This reality series is a comedy show from OML production. Comedian Sapan Verma is the creator as well as the host of the talk show. In each episode, there will be one famous stand-up comedian and one celebrity as guests. The celeb will share stories to discuss, and later the comedian will show him how to write his own comedy set. Eventually, the celeb will perform his own set in front of the audiences.

Comicstaan (Tamil)

If you have already known Comicstaan from OML, then this Tamil spin-off series will not be unfamiliar to you. This Tamil show is also in search of the next talented stand-up comedian among the 6 contestants. They will have competitions in each episode, trying to complete different comedy challenge in the show. They will also get help from the renowned Tamil comedians and get chances to shine in front of live audiences.

Mirzapur is back with the second season in 2019.
Mirzapur Season Two (Returning Series) 

Mirzapur first season was released in November last year, and it is said to be ready for a whole new season. This crime thriller series revolves around drugs, guns and lawlessness. It portraits to story of the two brothers who both want to be powerful and wealthy. The second season's creator will be Puneet Krishna, and Gurmmeet Singh will join the project as the director. The audiences can expect to see a darker season with a world full of ambitions, greed for power and sacrifices. Mirzapur 2 is planned to be filmed in 2019.

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