Wait For It, Mirzapur 3 Is On The Way! Check Its Release Date & Cast Here!

Hanima Anand |Nov 13, 2020

Amazon Prime India just announced the renewal of Mirzapur, the most-watched show on OTT platform within the first week of release. Read more details below!

With the loud success of Mirzapur 2 which was released in October, Amazon Prime Video has decided to renew the crime drama series hit with Mirzapur 3.

The news came just a few weeks after Mirzapur 2 became the most-watched series on Indian streamer within 7 days after its debut. It’s also one of the top series with the highest completion rates. This could explain the decision from Amazon Prime to continue the third season production.

Mirzapur 3 Release Date
Fans are looking forward to Mirzapur 3 trailer.

When will Mirzapur 3 be released?

In fact, Amazon Prime hasn’t announced Mirzapur 3 release date as they haven’t launched the filming yet. However, based on their timing for the second season, we may say Mirzapur 3 is possibly released at the end of 2020, perhaps in October or November.

The first episode of Mirzapur aired in November 2018. There were 9 episodes in the first season in total. Two years after that, the second installment of the series was debuted in October 2020 with 10 episodes.

Munna Bhaiya In Mirzapur
Will Munna appear in the next season of Mirzapur, read on!

With such time and number, we guess that the next season of Mirzapur would include up to 12 episodes and also take 2 years to be completed. Mirzapur 3 is probably the last season of the show as well. Mirzapur 3 trailer isn’t available yet. However, we will update when it has. In the meantime, you can check highlights from Mirzapur 2 below!

What about Mirzapur 3 cast?

As can be seen in Mirzapur 2, most major casts were retained while some new supporting roles were added in. Accordingly, we should be guaranteed that the lead roles in Mirzapur 3 are unchanged as in the previous seasons. A few minor characters might be unfamiliar though.

Some also wonder whether Munna Bhaiya will return in Mirzapur 3 cast. Well, we guess not. The character was seen getting killed with a shot in his chest by Guddu Pandit, so there’s hardly any chance for him to be resurrected.

Having said that, the actor Divyendu Sharma who plays Munna Bhaiya himself in the series used to share that some people would have a heart deformity which causes their heart to lie on the right side of the chest. Should this be applied to Munna, he could survive the shot, if the directors really want to let him live.

Pankaj Tripathi In Mirzapur
Pankaj probably fights back to gain control of Mirzapur in the third season.

Another detail that many people are excited about is the possible survival of Kaleen Bhaiya or Pankaj Tripathi. Though Pankaj suffered multiple shots, he stood a high chance of surviving that ordeal. According to some sources, Pankaj Tripathi will play a crucial role in Mirzapur 3rd season along with Sharad Shukla. He would fight to claim back his throne in Mirzapur.

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