​Woman Requested To Pay Man $1,000 After Sleeping With His Wife

Salena Harshini |Mar 25, 2021

The accused woman argued in the court that her physical relationship with the other woman did not impact their marriage and that it did not amount to infidelity.

A Japanese woman has been ordered a male over £700, or $1000, after sleeping with his wife. The sum is called compensation.

A woman sued for sleeping with another woman

In detail, the Tokyo District Court had ordered an anonymous woman to pay 110 thousand yen ($1,000/15,000 rands) to the spouse of a woman she bedded.

As per The Asahi Shimbun, the husband, 39, had filed a lawsuit against his wife’s lover, 35. He accused her of involving in intercourse after meeting online.

Woman Ordered To Pay Man 700 Compensation After Sl
15,000 rands are ordered to compensate for the man whose wife slept with another woman. (illustrative image)

The accused woman said that what happened between the wife and her didn’t constitute an affair because their actions did not ruin the marriage.

However, the court felt different. It ruled an act sabotaging a couple’s marriage does mean infidelity. Afterward, it ordered the lady to pay compensation to the husband.

Japanese courts are beginning to recognize that adultery is not just the acts between those of the opposite genders. A district court has also recently ruled that not permitting same-sex couples to get married is 'unconstitutional'.

Woman Cheat On Husband With Another Woman
An act that undermines the peace in marriage does constitute infidelity.

The constitution of Japan still looks at marriage as something based on 'the mutual consent of both sexes.' However, the Sapporo District Court thought that the nation’s failure to consider same-sex marriage is indefensible.

According to the ruling,

"Sexual orientation cannot be changed or selected by a person's will.

"It is discriminatory treatment [...] that they cannot receive even some of the legal benefits that heterosexuals do."

Same-sex marriage in Japan

Masa Yanagisawa said:

"For things that are part of the national system, such as pensions, there's nothing they can do.

"All the other advanced countries have this, so Japan will lose out competitively. Then there's the fact that people can't be who they are. It becomes quite business critical."

He is head of Prime Services at Goldman Sachs Japan as well as a board member of the NGO Marriage for All Japan.

same-sex marriage In Japan
Same-sex marriage has been a hot topic in Japan for the last few weeks.

Previously, the court did dismiss a request for compensation from 3 couples. They had asked the government to pay them 1 million yen, or nearly 140k rands for each damage. What damage you may ask? It is the injustice and pain they suffered from not being capable to get married.

The plaintiffs’ lawyer, Takeharu Kato, said the overall verdict was revolutionary. He urged parliament to kickstart working on a regulation that would make same-sex marriages ASAP.

He told a news outlet,

"We praise this ruling for taking in the plaintiffs' earnest appeals."

Japan Lgbt
Japanese LGBT members did not have the permission to marry.

One of the women from the LGBT community and the plaintiffs, known as “E’, said,

"Only because the gender of the person we love is different, we can't get married. We live the same lives as heterosexuals, have the same troubles and the same joys.

"Though our lives are exactly the same, the nation wouldn't recognize this."

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