SHOCKING! Iran Father Beheads His Teenage Daughter For Eloping With Boyfriend

Bhavna Acharya |May 28, 2020

Although the Iran father appeared to be forgiving, his young daughter talked to the police that her father might kill her and her fear came true!

Yesterday, the whole nation of Iran was taken by storm after a father brutally killed his 14-year-old daughter who ran away with an older man.

Romina Ashrafi, the name of the daughter, eloped from her house in Talesh, Iran to the northwest of the city which was more than 300km away. The pair was found a couple of days later and Ashrafi was sent to her local police custody before her father allowed her to get back home. 

Iran Father Kill Daughter
Romina Ashrafi, 14 years old, was brutally killed by her father for fleeing away with boyfriend

Although the Iran father appeared to be forgiving, his young daughter talked to the police that her father might kill her. That fear became true that on May 21st, Ashrafi was beheaded by her father with a farming sickle. According to the father, who was immediately arrested, said that it was because of the family honor that he cannot forgive his daughter.

Iran Father Kill Daughter 2
Honour killing in Iran is popular, especially in rural areas but the number of cases is not recorded

The case not only struck a chord among the nation but also created a huge protest among internet users and activists around the world. 

In fact, so many Irani young girls and women were killed by their own family members for breaking what so-called ‘the conservation Islamic norms’ of marriage and love. However, the exact number of cases has been recorded as they were only reported by a few local media. 

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Iran Father Kill Daughter Iran President
The case is striking that put huge pressure on the Iran government

Based on the current law, the Iran father might face the 10-year sentence but due to the public outcry in the country, the case of Romina could be tried in a special court. In addition to that, according to Iran President Hassan Rouhani, the government will speed up the adaptation of laws on harsher punishment in ‘honour killing’.

Earlier, Iran government created a public outcry by allowing men to get married to their adopted daughters. In addition to that, the child marriage act in the country is also a controversial matter as girl who is above 14 can get marriage. 

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