The Most Fertile Woman Ever Had 44 Kids By 36 With The Same Man

Salena Harshini |Mar 26, 2021

Mariam Nabatanzi, from Uganda, has a rare medical condition and had 25 children by the time she was 23.

Mariam Nabatanzi, a 36-year-old mother from Uganda, has 44 children, and all have the same father. The kids include six twins, four triplets, and three quadruple pairs.

Sadly, Mariam's husband left three years ago and now she has to raise a large family on her own. She and all of her children have to live in a cramped house built from cement bricks with a corrugated iron roof, between fields and coffee.

Most Fertile Woman Had Her First Kid When She Was
The most fertile woman had her first kid when she was 12.

She raises her 40 children alone

It is known that at the age of 12, Mariam was married to her husband who was then 40. A year later, she gave birth to the first twins. Mariam went to her doctor and he said that her ovaries were abnormally large. However, birth control pills could cause health problems. Therefore, Mariam stopped taking the pills and the babies continued to be born.

Mariams Older Kids Help Her With The Family Lifes
Mariam's older kids help her with the family life.

When Mariam was 23 years old, she had 25 children. She went back to see the doctor in the past who stopped her from taking the medicine. But it was in vain. Once again, Mariam was advised to continue her pregnancy without stopping.

Her last pregnancy, two and a half years ago, had complications. She gave birth to sixth twins, but sadly one of them could not make it through during labor.

Mariam Does Has Had Many Jobs And Does Anything Sh
Mariam does every job she can to take care of her army of children.

During this time, Mariam's husband abandoned her and nearly 40 children. Now, when she hears his name, Mariam always feels angry. “He caused me great pain. Right now, all my time is spent taking care of my children and working to make money ”.

And with so many people to feed, Mariam will do anything to earn money like a hairdresser, event decorator, scrap seller….

Mariam Nabatanzi And Her Little Child
The most fertile woman, Mariam Nabatanzi, and her little child sitting in front of their house.

Most of her salary is spent on food to feed her huge family. She also has to take care of medical care, clothing, and tuition to ensure her children have the best start in life.

Having endured a strenuous, orphaned childhood, Mariam Nabatanzi's greatest wish now is for her children to be happy.

Most Of Her Hard Earned Money Is Spent On Providin
Most of her hard-earned money is spent on providing food, school fees. and medical care.

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