Indonesian Woman Claims To Get Pregnant From A Wind Gust

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 01, 2021

The story of the woman getting pregnant from a gust of wind went viral and made headlines on national news channels as well as many other international channels.

A 25-year-old Indonesian woman called Siti Zainah has become the talk of the town for being pregnant after a gust of wind passing by her village. The bizarre case has taken everyone by surprise as it was just a few hours the gust of wind leaves, the woman gave birth to a child.

According to the woman, a gust of wind blew over her village in Cianjur, West Java on February 10th. At that moment, she was lying on her bed while suddenly feeling like the wind entered her body. She quickly found herself getting pregnant. The most awkward thing about this story is that the woman gave birth to a baby girl right after that. “My stomach ballooned, then it shrank back to normal. Then it grew again,” said the woman.

Indonesia Woman Gives Birth From A Wind
A woman in Indonesia mysteriously finds herself getting pregnant after a gust of wind passing by

After realizing something abnormal pain happened to her stomach, her sister sent her to the nearby Health Center for a doctor check-up. The young woman was left speechless when the doctor confirmed that she was pregnant with a child and the baby is about to come. At the moment, she is resting in her own home with the newborn baby.

It’s completely unbelievable to get pregnant from a wind and give birth to a baby immediately after that. However, the woman keeps insisting on her miraculous case. The story took the whole community by storm as many of her neighbors gushed over her home in Cianjur to see the special baby in their own eyes. The story has been spread nationwide and made a headline on Indonesia national news.

Indonesia Woman Pregnant Wind Header 71rm
Her story went viral and made headlines on national news channels

While the police also come to question the woman upon her mysterious pregnancy, doctor Eman Sulaeman, the Head of Cidaun Health Center claims that getting pregnant from the wind and giving birth immediately are completely impossible in terms of science. However, it doesn’t mean that the young woman lied to everyone. It might be a rare case of cryptic pregnancy, a case when the mother is unaware of the pregnancy and only realizes it when it’s time to give birth.

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