Tourists Beat Seal Until It Passes Out So Kids Could Take Photos With It

Salena Harshini |Jul 10, 2020

The world is on rage after the video of tourists beating a seal to conscious was shared online. The question is, what is wrong with humanity?

A seal was hit unconscious by a group of tourists in Kazakhstan so “the children could take photos with it”. This took place only days after another cub got attacked with rocks on a beach.

The disturbing incident was recorded in the Kuryk village, located on the Caspian Sea’s eastern sea, and shared on the Internet yesterday.

The group of tourists were seen attacking the seal
Seal 1
They used sticks to beat it so kids could take pictures with it

The video of the seal beaten unconscious displays a number of men beating the defenseless seal with boulders and sticks after it came near the shore. As per news reports, the shocking attack lasted till the animal lost consciousness.

An anonymous witness told the local media that the group pulled it out of the water for the kids to take photos and “have fun”. After all was done, the men threw the motionless body back to the sea and whether it survived or not was unclear.

Also in this week in Aktau, a city that lies about 43 miles away from Kuryk, the camera had captured a similar incident. In the footage, some tourists are spotted throwing rocks and stones at a baby seal after it approached them.

In the video, a group of tourists can be seen pelting stones and rocks at a baby seal after the animal approached them.

Yevgeniya Mukasheva, a Kazakh model, shared this footage with her followers and noted that if an animal approaches you, it means that it trusts you. She also said added that those people who pelted stones at that harmless pup and laughed must be out of their mind.

Seal 3
The case of a baby seal being thrown rocks at also happened recently

Commenting on this upsetting incident, the Kazakh authorities showed their disapproval.

A spokesperson of Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources, Saken Dildakhmet, said,

“The way people acted in the video is outrageous and wild.

Such an attitude can cause a great damage to the fauna of the Caspian Sea and adversely affect the behavior of these animals who may become aggressive and attack people.

We ask you to show respect to nature.” 

Seals are curious animals who often approach people, the environment authorities said.

Baby Seal
Seals are a friendly species that do not deserve this kind of treatment

The environment authorities shared that seals are curious creatures that often approach people. Mr. Dildakhmet also said that the cub in the video is playful and young. They are friendly and intrigued marine mammals on the whole. People should admire them rather than causing them pain.

Police are on the hunt for those perpetrators in both cases. They could have to deal with aa two-year prison penalty maximum.

Kazakh media reported that a number of swimmers got bitten by seals back in June and needed to have rabies shot in the hospital in the same region of Mangistau. That incident may be the reason for the latest attack from the people in the clip, reports NURKZ.

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