Homeschooled After Being Bullied At School, Young Girl Graduated With Double Degree From Top University At The Age Of 17

Salena Harshini |Mar 09, 2021

The smart girl also intends to pursue her master's and doctoral's programs and extends her inspiration to people of all ages.

While youngsters at 17 are trying to get their driver's license or deciding what to wear at the prom, Salenah Cartier has graduated from the University of Houston with two bachelor's degrees. With this achievement, she became the youngest to graduate from the top American university.

Talking about being a graduate of the University of Houston at the age of 17, she said it was like a dream come true.

Salenah Cartier
Salenah Cartier makes milestones with her study career.

Homeschooled after bullied at school

Salenah Cartier was born and raised in a family of four. Her mother is a single mom while her family is not a of good condition. At an early age, she had already displayed an outstanding wit and intelligence.

She started studying at school as the youngest student in the class but always on the lead in terms of grades. However, she was bullied in the classrooms.

Salenah Cartier 2
She made headlines and even national news broadcast for her achievements.

Salenah’s academic ascension started when her family decided to homeschool her. Without a hostile environment and permeated bullying, the Texas girl truly shone since then.

With her mother’s help, she finished middle school and high school before her 15th birthday. Cartier began finding new challenges and had a chance at Houston University.

“I needed a new challenge, and attending college presented the perfect academic and social growth opportunity for me,” said Cartier.

Salenah Cartier 4
She overcame living conditions to grab topmost attainments.

Moreover, as she had financial difficulties, she worked hard with various jobs to earn the tuition fees. From selling old textbooks to tutoring every class level, Salenah Cartier did everything she could.

Thus, the tutoring job helped her realize that she wants to become an educator, researcher, and policymaker to help disadvantaged children and the less fortunate in society.

Aspires to run for president

In addition to Kamala Harris and Sylvester Turner, Salenah also finds inspiration in her mother. According to Salenah, her mother is always the motivator for her to learn and nurture intellect. She always advised her to find out what she wants to do in life and how to influence the world around her.

Talented as she is, Selenah remains incredibly humble and thinks this is just the beginning of a long journey. She expressed hope that her achievements can inspire people of all ages.

“There will never be a perfect time to start a journey, but if you want to succeed, you just have to start. As long as you maintain an open mindset, you will learn on every step of the journey.”

Salenah Cartier Houston Uni Graduate
She is the youngest 2020 Houston graduate.

Regarding future plans, Selenah Cartier will study for a master's program at the University of Houston's School of Education. After completing her master's program, she will begin to participate in the teaching process while also studying for a doctorate.

The American girl wants to study the effects of early exposure to adversity on cognitive development. She also said she was considering running for US president in the future.

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