Russian Mom Caged Daughter For 26 Years, Fed Her Cat Food, To Protect Her From The Dangers Of Outside World

Hanima Anand |Jun 25, 2020

The 42-year-old woman looks young and innocent after 26 years being trapped inside her home where she shares food with cats. She could only step out when the mother was hospitalized.

The one-off story takes place in a Russian town where an elderly mother locks her daughter inside the house with cats, feeding her cat food and reasoning that is to protect the girl from the dangerous world outside.

The daughter is now 42 years old. Her name is Nadezhda Bushueva. She has been isolated from the outside world since she finished secondary school at the age of 16. Nadezhda has lived with cats and eaten their food for 26 years till date.

Russian Mom Caged Daughter 1
Nadezhda Bushueva looks quite young at the age of 42 despite the filthy accommodation.

The mother named Tatyana has kept Nadezhda inside the house to prevent her exposure to the outsiders since she retired. The two women don’t have any contact with others, rejecting social services or any help from the authority.

Russian Mom Caged Daughter 2
Cats, alive or dead, with rats are sharing the same place with the pair.

Nadezhda case only unveiled when Tatyana was ill and had to be hospitalized. Nadezhda decided to step outside though she couldn’t travel with mom to the hospital as she wasn’t sure how things work in the world now.

She recounted her ordeal that her life was even worse than cats’ and it seemed she was the living dead.

Russian Mom Caged Daughter 3
This Russian mom said she did that to protect her daughter from the dangerous world.

She and her mother live in a filthy hovel with no electricity and running water. The two shared the same bed surrounded by cats and rats.

Even when a cat dies, they don’t move it out, they just leave it there for decomposition.

More shockingly, Nadezhda says that she hasn’t bathed for 14 years since 2006. Her hair forms a large tangled clump at the back while her entire body can be seen in very poor hygiene.

Russian mom caged daughter 4
The condition of Nadezhda Bushueva when leaving the house the first time after 26 years.

Sharing to the officials, Nadezhda wants a workplace as well as a passport like other people. At the office, she is offered some sandwiches but she refuses to eat anything. The official says it’s strange but she is not insane.

This is not the first time a case like Nadezhda is found in Russia. In 2019, people also found 4 children who couldn’t speak human language left in a dirty flat full of cockroaches.

Russian authorities are finding solutions for Ndezhda and her mother after the pensioner recovered from her illness. The 42-year-old daughter surely needs to be re-introduced into the human world while their accommodation definitely needs a renovation.

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