Believe It Or Not? These Richest Beggars In The World Earn $1000 A Month And Live In Luxury Flats

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 08, 2021

The list of the richest beggars in the world will take you by surprise. Check out how rich a beggar can be!

While becoming a beggar is the only choice of many homeless, disabled and poor people, it is also considered a serious business as many people have been racking up money just by begging on the street. In fact, there are beggars who are even wealthier than many of us. Check out the rare list of richest beggars in the world and their lavish lifestyle will take you by surprise!

1. Bharat Jain - Earns $1,000 a month and owns two flats

Bharat Jain richest beggar
Bharat Jain is believed to be the richest beggar in the world

Living in Mumbai, one of the biggest cities in India, Mr. Jain is well known as not only the richest beggar in the country but in the world with a monthly income of around $1,000. While his income is way higher than the average of an Indian worker, the beggar also takes everyone by surprise for owning 2 luxury apartments in the city with a total net worth of up to 16 million USD.

2. Eisha - has a net worth of $1 million dollar

Richest Beggars
Beggars might be way richer than you think

Everyone thought that the 100-year-old Eisha was just a poor usual beggar, who asked for money on the streets of Saudi Arabia for little money to make ends meet. However, it was not until the death of the old woman that she was found out to be a millionaire. In fact, she gave away all of her assets and money, including many gold, jewelry, and estate, to the poor and the total net worth of the beggar is said to be around $1 million dollars.

3. Simon Wright - earns $70,000 a year

Simon Wright Richest Beggar
Everyone thought Simon Wright was just a broken man until the police discovered his luxury apartment in London

The ragged beggar Simon Wright has been seen wandering around the streets of London for years in dirty clothes and a miserable face that triggers the kindness of many people. It was not until when a local police followed Simon to his home that everyone found out the shocking truth about the poor beggar. Simon Wright is the owner of a $ 400,000 apartment. The man has been arrested several times which stopped him from getting a higher position in the top of richest beggars in the world.

4. Ted Williams - building a million-dollar career

Ted Williams Richest Beggar
Thank his singing talent, Ted Williams went from a beggar to a millionaire

Unlike the above beggar, Ted William, a former radio reporter, has a different story that he gave up on begging to become a singer and make money from it. After getting broke, the man started to be a street singer and beggar. He was well known with the written board which read: “Man with a God gifted golden voice’. His video started to go viral on the internet and he was invited to many shows which brought him a fortune.

5. Krishna Kumar Gite - earns $900 a month

Krishna Kumar Gite Rich Beggar
Krishna Kumar Gite, the young, dedicated and hard-working beggar is working on the street of Mumbai

Mumbai appears to be the dream city of beggars because it treats them so well. Another rich beggar to be on the list also ‘works’ in Mumbai. The young and dedicated beggar considers it a serious job as he also has his brother as the finance manager. The two live in a luxury flat with a lavish lifestyle that even his donators can only dream of.

Above are some of the richest beggars in the world whose income is way greater than many of us. However, it doesn't mean that all beggars are that rich. There are many poor and homeless people who are in the need of a helping hand so do not hesitate to support them if you're available.

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