Priest Arrested After Caught Having A Three-Way With Two Dominatrices On Church Altar

Salena Harshini |Oct 14, 2020

The archbishop had to burn the altar where the unholy trinity had a threesome session.

A priest in Louisiana has been arrested for reportedly filming himself having intercourse with two dominatrices at his Catholic church, right on the altar.

The said priest who is identified as Rev Travis Clark was seen after a passerby spotted the lights in the Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church was on later than usual.

Rev Travis Clark at St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office

They peeked inside and saw Clark, half-naked, doing it with two ladies in high-heeled boots and corsets. The three of them allegedly had sex toys, stage lighting, and a phone put on a tripod to film the entire act.

After taking the video of the unholy trinity, the unidentified witness called the police.

Mindy Dixon (Lady Vi)
Melissa Cheng
Melissa Cheng (Empress Cheng)

The police arrested the priest along with the two altar servers named Mindy Dixon (41 years old) and Melissa Cheng (23 years old), and booked them on obscenity charges.

Reportedly, the women told the police that they arrived at the church to record “roleplay” with Clark. Cops determined that everything happened that night was consensual. However, they still arrested the three on the charges as they were in the public view.

As per, Mindy Dixon, who works as an adult movie actress, had shared on social media one day before that she was heading to New Orleans to meet another dominatrix in order to “defile a house of God”.

The altar where the incident occurred

The archbishop of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, Gregory Aymond, allegedly went to the church to do a ritual to regain to the sanctity of this altar after the reported incident. The archbishop said,

“His desecration of the altar in Church was demonic. I am infuriated by his actions. When the details became clear, we had the altar removed and burned. I will consecrate a new altar tomorrow.”

The Priest
The three at the police station

Rev Travis Clark was ordained in 2013 and he was suspended from ministry right after the day he got arrested.

Later, Clark was released from jail on a $25,000 bond, Dixon, from Kent, Washington, and Cheng, from Alpharetta, Georgia received bonds of $7,500, reported by Each of the trio could have six months to three years in prison in case they are convicted of obscenity.

The reactions from the Internet users are diverse and some of the most hysterical comments have collected a lot of thumbs-ups.

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Watch the video to have a closer look at the case that has gone viral for a while.

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