A Warning From Universe? Mysterious Monolith Emerges In The Sky Near Utah Where The Original One Was Carted Away

Hanima Anand |Dec 07, 2020

The photo was shared by a motorist who was driving near Utah, USA where the very first monolith was found in the desert and then removed by a group of humans.

The constant appearance of monoliths in different places in the world is among the hottest topics recently. However, this time the monolith wasn't seen on the ground but in the sky.

Monolith In The Us
The image of monolith in the sky is going viral on social media.

First, a monolith was spotted buried deep in the ground in a Utah desert before disappearing 10 days later.

Monolith In Utah
A group of men has taken responsibility for removing the Utah monolith.

Hours after its disappearance, another one was found in Romania, then a third one was erected on top of a California mountain. Not stopping there, more monoliths were spotted around the world, in England, and in a Dutch reserve.

Monolith Around The World
Monoliths continue to appear around the globe.

However, the story starts to become a totally man-made joke if this motorist didn’t post a photo of a monolith in the sky some days ago.

The monolith image was captured by a US driver named Jeff Jacobs who was going home from work in Idaho. This place is 800 miles apart from Utah, where the first one was discovered.

Monolith In The Sky
The photo causes controversies for its authenticity.

What a coincidence, the photo surfaced just a few days after the Utah monolith was ripped down and carted away by two men in order to protect the desert environment.

Netizens start to share their speculations that this could be a warning from the universe after humans destroy its mysterious work that might serve a mission.

Monolith Around The World 2
The latest monolith was found in the UK just hours ago.

Jeff Jacobs shares that:

‘All of a sudden this rectangle showed up. It was only in the sky for a couple of seconds. It wasn’t there, then it was, and as quickly as it appeared, it was gone again. That quick!’

However, many people in Idaho said they didn’t see anything like that. Some even claim the picture was clearly photoshopped. The owner of the controversial photo didn’t confirm or refute any of these allegations though.

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