Meet The First Chicken Nugget Sent Into Space & The One-Off Story Behind! Watch Video

Salena Harshini |Oct 22, 2020

This chicken nugget flew to outer space, came back to Earth safe and sound, and it is not the only food that became an astronaut. Read more inside!

Iceland Foods, a British frozen foods grocer, has recently sent a chicken nugget into space and this is the first time any chicken nugget does this.

In the honor of the food chain’s 50th anniversary, they did this unique marketing stunt by hiring the Sent Into Space marketing company.

Chiken Nugget
It literally looks cool like any astronauts out there

The nugget was launched to an altitude of 20.7 miles or 110,000 feet into a region which is known as near space. Iceland said that this equals the height of 880 thousand Iceland chicken nuggets.

The lucky chicken nugget had the journey of its life after traveling one-third of the way to outer space, beginning at around 62 miles above the Earth.

Sent Into Space said,

"The nugget spent an hour floating up and around in space." 

Chicken Nugget
"Now I've had the time of my life. No, I never felt this way before"

However, it was “unbothered” by the temperatures and low pressure. The temperatures there can lower to minus 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the chicken nugget was unfazed.

It then rocketed back to Earth at the speed of 200mph and its parachute opened when it was 12 miles above the ground.

The nugget was launched by Sent Into Space from a farm near its headquarters in North Wales. It lasted under 2 hours for the nugget to reach the destination. A weather balloon filled with gas carried the nugget with a satellite tracking system in order for the company to control its location. The nugget’s trip was recorded by an integrated camera.

The news has fascinated many audiences

A joke was made by the grocer that the chicken nugget "left behind grey skies, COVID-19, Brexit, and Piers Morgan" and enjoyed the "momentary peace, clearer skies, spacecraft, and possible sightings of the world's highest-flying birds such as the Rüppell's Vulture and the Common Crane."

Iceland Foods is the ninth-largest grocer in the UK with around 950 stores. They specialize in frozen food and is selling over 60 kinds of private-label breaded-chicken products. The grocer has sole over 10 million products of chicken in only the first week of October.

Nugget 2
This piece of nugget has travel places more than most people in the world, that is guaranteed!

For the unknown, Sent Into Space has launched other foods into space such as a pasty, pancakes, fish and chips.

In October this year, NASA has launched 10 skincare serum bottles by Estee Lauder into space for a photo shoot. NASA was paid with around $128,000 to take photos of the beauty giant’s product from the International Space Station. It was also NASA's efforts to promote the opportunities for commercial in space.

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