Math Teacher Found A Secret Formula To Win Jackpot 14 Times, Take Home $30 Million

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 03, 2021

What is his secret formula to win the jackpot and how to copy the strategy, keep on reading to know more details!

While winning the jackpot is so rare that only a few among 8 billion people in the world can get it once in their lifetime, a math teacher in Australia made it 14 times thanks to his secret formula. Keep on reading to know how he made it possible and some advice to increase your chance of winning a jackpot.  

It was none other than Stefan Mandel, a Romanian and Australian economist and mathematics, one of the biggest lottery winners of all time. With the simple yet effective trick: buying all the possible lottery combinations, the man won the jackpot up to 14 times and the total number of money he earned was up to $30 million. 

Stefan Mandel Jackpot
Stefan Mandel, one of the biggest lottery winners of all time

Making it big on the first try

Growing up in Romani, a poor country in East Europe, Mandel as well as many other people in his country tried lottery hoping that they could make a little money from it. It took a while for the math teacher to come up with a formula that stands 83% of winning the jackpot. 

In fact, the man won the jackpot in his first try and brought home a reward of 72,783 Romania leu (874,839 peso). It was a valuable prize back in the 1950s as it is equivalent to 18 years of his salary. 

Having enough money to leave the poor country, Mandel decided to settle down in Australia and continued to rock the lottery system of the country as well as the UK for several times. He soon discovered a new fonular for the UK and Australia lottery system which worked properly. In addition to that, the economist started up a business, seeking investors and hiring an army of ticket buyers to purchase as many tickets as possible.

Lottery Jackpot Win
With a simple strategy, he won over $30 million from the lottery

The biggest deal ever

In fact, his gamble business is completely legal as there weren't any laws or rules against his act. However, until his 13th time of winning the jackpot, laws were passed which made it harder for the mathematician to continue his business. He continued to seek opportunities from the Virginia lottery system. In the state, he made the biggest deal ever and walked away with $27 million. 

The man would have continued his business in some other countries if he hadn't been arrested in Israel in 2004. He ran the same things in the country but failed to get the jackpot and was sued by his investors. However, the story of Stefan Mandel is still one of the most infamous stories in lottery history. 

Lottery Jackpot
However, it's more challenging to copy his tactics these days as the lottery systems are becoming more complicated

Can I copy his strategy?

It’s more complicated for people to replicate his tactics these days as the lottery systems are becoming more complicated and there are too many number combinations to be acquired. The chance of winning the jackpot is one over millions so it depends more on your luck than any strategy.

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