Man Wins $4M Right After Being Dumped By Girlfriend

Salena Harshini |Mar 23, 2021

A South African man wins lottery with 60 million rands after his live-in girlfriend dumped him. He may have just lost a girl but a new life.

A professional in the financial sector may have had one of the most heartbreaking breakups in his life. But his lottery winning ticket has won him an entirely new life on lease.

The South African multi-millionaire reported to the lottery offices to claim his winnings.

A surprising turn of events

The unidentified man said he could not believe that he won that much. The biggest number he ever won from the lucky balls was R500.

South African Man Wins Lottery
This man wins lottery after his girlfriend dumped him and moved out of his apartment.

With more details, he said he neglectedly checked his ticket after the draw. He was in fact feeling down after his live-in girlfriend dumped him. Afterward, he was astonished upon realizing that his life had taken a surprising turn for the better.

By the time he checked the results, the man who is in his thirties was alone.

“My live-in girlfriend had just broken up with me, and I was not in the best of moods. By the time I checked the results on Friday night, I was by myself as she had already moved out.

When I realized that I had won, I thought I was dreaming. I immediately went to take a cold shower and then came back to check again. It was real – lady luck was on my side, but clearly not so much for her!”

Power Ball 1
The power balls gave him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The lucky and new millionaire admitted his fortunes were actually tapped put before the huge windfall.

“I am blessed enough to have parents that are in a position to sustain themselves, anything I do for them will purely be out love and desire to share my new fortune with them. I am privileged to also still be employed, especially at a time like this where a lot of people have lost jobs.”

What he was going to do with the money

The South African man planned on investing most of his winning money.

“Because of my profession, I am clued up on the kind of investments I want, to ensure that my money keeps working for me and bears interest.”

However, quitting his job in daylight is not something he wants to do right now.

Black Man Wins Lottery
The anonymous man felt that it was no need for him to quit his job right now. (illustrative image)

“I am not going to resign. At the rate things are going, I am anticipating a retrenchment in the organisation that I work for and in the industry as a whole. So I will wait for the retrenchment package and my upcoming bonus. It’s money that I have worked hard for, so I am definitely waiting for it.”

Apart from making an investment for his fortune, he also wanted to donate a part of it to people and animals in need.

“It is really heartbreaking to witness the impact of the pandemic in our society. I want to help as many people as I can to meet at least some of their basic needs. I also want to do animal charity work, as I feel that animals have really been neglected throughout this pandemic.”

Young African American Black Man Looking Sad Hurt
The man wins lottery after having his heart broken.

Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend has not completely lost out. The winner said jokingly,

“Oh and I will also buy my ex-girlfriend a fridge, probably a washing machine too, just to say no hard feelings.”

Moreover, he said he is ready to settle down and begin a family of his own when she is able to find a good woman.

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