Man Glues A Spy Camera Underneath The Sink To Watch His Wife’s Best Friend Naked In Shower

Leela Adwani |Aug 14, 2020

The woman was left extremely horrified when knowing it was actually a camera to be installed carefully to spy on her in the bathroom.

Recently, a Chinese man, Sheng, is accused of hiding a spy camera in the bathroom to watch his wife’s close friend shower. The discovery was only made when the hidden device suddenly dropped to the floor when she took her daily shower.

spy camera 1
the man has been arrested

The woman was left extremely horrified when knowing it was actually a camera and it had allegedly been installed carefully to spy on her. The victim named Xiao Ni said to the police that she saw that camera fall while in the bathroom. According to reports, Sheng has already been arrested. At the police station, the accused confessed that he fitted the mini camera on impulse himself as he was seeking for the excitement.

Spy camera 2
Spy camera falls from the sink to the floor

Talking about the relationship between Shend’s wife Xiao Jia and Xiao Ni, they are besties and they also used to share a room in the dormitory of their company for many years.

However, when Jia got married, she decided to move out. The device was reported to be installed while these two women went out to have a meal together.

The victim usually didn’t lock her room while out as she was too familiar with other people co-living in this complex.

spy camera 3
Within less than one day, the camera has recorded 7 clips of Xiao Ni in the bathroom

On 23 July, Ni discovered the strange device and took it to her best friend’s home to ask whether they knew what it was. However, the accused, Sheng told her that this device was a spy camera but he pretended to be shocked.

Xiao wanted to make clear as she called the police to check CCTV. The footage shows Sheng in her complex on 22 July.

According to the statements of Sheng, he glued the camera underneath the sink in the bathroom so that Xiao Ni couldn’t see it.

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