These Company Sells Bottled Fresh Air For Over $100

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 09, 2021

A company in England took the media by storm for selling fresh air at $100 per bottle. However, their products are selling like hotcakes. Find out what is special about it!

Coast Capture Air is the brand product of a British company that provides bottled fresh air of coastal England and sells it as a souvenir. However, the product started to go viral when many people from polluted areas stocked the item to inhale the fresh air of the sea every day.

Coast Capture Air is not the first bottled-fresh air product in the world, it tops the list in terms of price. A glass 700ml bottle contained with fresh air is sold at a staggering price of $100.

Coast Capture Air Bottle 1 6546
Bottled air is sold for a whopping $100

What is special about an empty $100 glass bottle?

In case you’re curious about what makes this product so expensive and how it smells like, the product owner spilled the beans on how every bottle of Coast Capture Air is made. According to the company, the staff traveled the breadth and length of the country to reach the most natural and pristine locations and capture the fresh air into glass bottles. There are only a few locations in England that meet the criteria including Cornish Coast, Harland Point, and Great Britain.

In addition to the great effort of collecting the fresh air bottle, the manufacturing process is also strictly supervised by sensitive equipment to provide the customer pure and high-quality bottled fresh air.

Coast Capture Air
The air is captured from the purest locations in England

How to use the bottled fresh air?

Do not worry if you have no idea about how to use the product as the company has detailed instructions. Here is the brief step-by-step instruction you might want to know:

  • Find a quiet, small, and clean room
  • Cleaning your nasal cavity
  • Open the bottle and take a deep breath of bottle. Breathe from your diaphragm instead of your chest
  • Close the cap immediately to avoid the pure and expensive air from running out
Mountain Air
Another Swiss company also sell its compressed air bottle at a premium price

In case the staggering price of the Coast Capture Air is not enough to impress you, a company in Switzerland is here to top the list of most expensive bottled air in the world with each bottle costing $167. The Genuine Mountain Air is said to be captured from a secret and purest location in the Alps.

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