Living In A Big Mansion But A Woman Still Washes Her Kids’ Clothes In The Pool, Workouts At Sports Shop

Leela Adwani |Feb 26, 2021

A woman who lives in a big mansion reveals a stunning truth on how she saves money.

Have you ever wondered how wealthy people become way wealthier? Is there any best-kept secret that helps them remain that rich?

Jeni Cox
Jeni Cox

Recently, a mom who lives in a big mansion with her husband and children reveals a stunning truth on how she can save money. The woman named Jeni Cox disclosure that she doesn’t want to spend any penny on anything she considers unnecessary.

How she saves money?

She also confesses that she has always been cheap. Cox said,

“I hate spending money on things I can’t see the next day if it’s gone.”

The Pool In The Mansion
The pool is not where her family swim but the place where she washes her kids' clothes by hands.

Her personal motto for life is less is more. Explaining this, the mother of three shared that she always limits herself to every gallon of gas. She believes that gas is just like makeup, if she buys less, she will use less, and of course, that’s how she can save money, even a lot of money.

Workout Time
She loves working out but doesn't want to spend money to buy a gym membership.

It would raise many eyebrows. In fact, Jeni is a fitness freak but unlike other people, she doesn’t have a gym membership which costs her around $75 per month at a fitness center. She visits the local sports shop to use their equipment instead.

The woman tries to save her money on every bill. The truth is that she uses the water in the family’s outdoor pool to wash the clothes of her kids. According to Jeni, the pool is the biggest expense so that she has to find a way to use this pool to the advantage for the saving money purpose.

Jeni Cox’ mansion

Living in a big house means with a private pool in the garden means that Jeni Cox’s budget is not too tight. It’s safe to say she isn’t the kind of person who struggles to make ends meet.

The Mansion
How big her house is

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