Korean Mom Reunites With Dead Daughter Via Virtual Reality Dropping Us In Tears

Ankita Chetana |Feb 12, 2020

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) recorded a heart-rending story of Korea when a mom reunites with dead daughter through virtual reality (VR). Deeds inside!

On the show called Meeting You implemented by MBC, Korea, the story that a mother reunites with dead daughter has touched million hearts. Since VR is built in this program to resurrect the people who passed away in the supporting for the living people to deal with their grief. And here is the full story.

Nayeon (7yrs) passed away in 2016 because of leukemia

In the summer of 2016, Nayeon (7 yrs) – the third among 4 children of the family was diagnosed with leukemia. The little girl immediately had to be admitted to the hospital but unfortunately, she couldn’t combat the hurtful disease and breathed her last that autumn. Her mournful demise left all the family, especially her mother occasion outpouring grief.

Since Nayeon’s demise, her mother has lived in guilt and specific agony. To help her abreact partly the mournfulness, the program titled VR Human Documentary of MBC kick-started a projected named VR-Nayeon. The program team had a long time to collect all the information of Nayeon as well as same-aged girls. From the stream of voice to action and facial expressions, the team has replayed all of such things in the girl.

Nayeon's digital avatar created by the MBC team after a long time looking for information about her

Actually, the team had received the help from several other 7-year-old girls to candidly pile up Nayeon’s avatar like how she was in the past. On the day experiencing the VR at MBC, Nayeon’s mother was extremely fluttered and nervous. After three years of distance, the mom reunites with dead daughter truly, but via VR. She didn’t know what would happen at that time. And a peaceful meadow appeared, welcoming her to the world of her lost daughter.

The video made by MBC started to touch everyone’s emotion when the mother tried to look for her little daughter, a virtual voice rang up: “Umma!” (Mommy). A girl who owns all Nayeon’s appearance, voice, and actions came closer to the mother. In a touching moment of seeing the dead daughter, Jang Ji-sung (the mother) impotently shed her tears out.

VR-Nayeon asked where her mother was and Ji-sung replied "Always with you"

Despite the impossibility to hold hands, Ji-sung couldn’t help fondling her daughter’s virtual creation. She was choked by tears while talking to Nayeon. As a part of the project, Ji-sung and VR-Nayeon had a birthday party for the little girl, which they have never had any more. What wrenched everybody’s hearts once again is the 7-year-old girl’s wish. She wished the best for each member in her family, wished that her father wouldn’t smoke anymore, wished her brother and sister wouldn’t argue with each other, wished her younger sister wouldn’t get sick, and finally, wished her mother wouldn’t cry anymore.

The mother and daughter sat down together for a birthday party

As a response to the little girl’s wish, the mother promised not to cry later and spend a happy life. At the end of the magical journey, the digital replica of Nayeon said she was tired and lay down to fall into a sleep. Then the two said goodbye to each other.

After 3 days of uploading, the video has collected over 6 million views and thousands of sharing and comments. Many netizens shared that they couldn’t help crying throughout the video showing while several others shared about their wishes to experience the same as Jang Ji-sung.

Ms. Jang Ji-sung's actual image when using VR to meet her daughter Nayeon

Post the program, Ji-sung said that it was a paradise to meet Nayeon and hear her voice. For her, in spite of short moments, it was enough to fulfill her happiness. She further added that she executed her desire already. During the time the mom unites with dead daughter, the people watching it around including Nayeon’s whole family did cry a lot. They all miss the unlucky girl and couldn’t help but shedding a tear for her.

While some controversial comments have been raised that this was just a psychological experiment on the TV show to serve for entertaining purposes, neurologist Michael Graziano of Princeton University confirmed that it wasn’t wrong and immoral to do so.

Memories and grief of the mother for her little daughter always stay there that seemed to never fade out. However, the myth that the mom reunites with dead daughter will become a lively driving force to Jang Ji-sung as well as the other family members.


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