Mother’s Day Is Celebrated Differently Around The World - Here’re 6 Interesting Traditions

Chandran |May 09, 2020

Mother's Day is when we remind our mums that we love her very much and that we're always grateful for all that she's done for us. Many countries celebrate Mother's Day on the same day but how they do it can be very different from one another.

Yet another Mother’s Day is close. On this day, most would have a well-prepared meal with our mum after gifting her a colorful flower bouquet with a sentimental card on it. Or in case you’re living far from her, a phone call packed with wishes is protocol. However, cultures differ drastically around the world and so are traditions in Mother’s Day. Us at Starbiz, on this year’s Mother’s Day, will present to you 6 Interesting Traditions of Mother’s Day.

1. Yugoslavia countries

The Eastern region of Yugoslavia encompasses modern-day Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia,… among others. Due to the historic and geographical similarities, they share the same traditions for many holidays, and Mother’s Day is one of them.

The first part of Yugoslavian Mother’s Day isn’t all that …enjoyable for the mum. Children would “break-in” into her bedroom and tie her up. In order for the children to untie her, she must give them gifts as soon as she gets out of bed.

Mother Day
Mums would be tied up in Yugoslav countries as part of Mother's Day tradition.

2. Japan

In the Land of the Rising Sun, Mother’s Day takes place on May’s Second Sunday, just like India. On this day, children try their best to draw their mommy and they usually look funny on purpose. Another tradition is for kids to prepare a meal for their mum, usually with dishes that mum has taught them.

Red carnations and scarves are common gifts for Japanese mum on Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day
Japanese kids give their mother drawing of them.

3. Mexico

This day in Mexico is celebrated on the same day as Japan and India. Unlike most countries, Mother’s Day in Mexico is celebrated at work, too. Mexican mothers get a “surprise” visit from her children on the eve of Mother’s Day, and they usually come bearing presents.

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Mothers Day 3
Mexican Mother's Day is celebrated at work, alongside the home.

4. Taiwan

Taiwan is heavily influenced by Buddhism so Mother’s Day is even more celebrated here is it coincides Buddha’s birthday. On this day, street-decoration is everywhere and there are also carnivals down the main boulevards. Parties are held in celebration of the Buddha as well as all mothers across this island. They can get very crowded and lavish.

Mother's Day 43
Mother's Day in Taiwan shares its importance with Buddha's birthday.

5. Pakistan

In this South Asian country, Mother’s Day is not something you can miss. It’s extremely important, to the point that there are TV shows just for this day and celebrations are widely held across the country. For those who, unfortunately, lost their dear mommy, this is the day for them to dedicate their mind and prayers to her.

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Mother's Day 44
This day can't be taken lightly in Pakistan.

6. Sweden

Also celebrated in May, but Swedish Mother’s Day is on the last Sunday of May instead of the second. What really sets this Scandanavian country’s Mother’s Day tradition apart is children do good deeds FOR OTHER MUMS.

The children, on this day, would make plastic flowers-DIY style. They then knock on doors or set up booths on the street to sell their handmade products. Money raised from the flowers would later be donated to young, shallow-pursed mothers so that they can take their children on a trip or just simply, to better their living conditions.

Mother's Day 6
Swedish children show their talent by making plastic flowers.

7. United Kingdom

Just south of Sweden lies this island nation. In the U.K, Mother’s Day falls on Lent’s last Sunday. U.K’s Mother’s Day tradition traces its root back in the 1700s when child housemaids or servants return home for a couple of days to spend time with their mum. In modern times, the holiday is tightly associated with Christianity, with churches giving out daffodils to children to take home and gift their mother.

Mothers Day 8
The British tradition for Mother's Day dated back to imperial England.

How do you pay respect to your mother on this day? We at Starbiz wish you a happy Mother's Day tomorrow with the woman who loves us the most.


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