#Bantiktokindia: Tiktok India Will Be Banned? Netizen Is Deleting Tiktok From Their Phones And Here Is The Reason Why

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 03, 2020

However, more and more people in India are asking the government to ban the use and downloading of the app in India. Here is the emerging controversy around Tiktok India.

While the whole country has been locked down and social gathering has become a threat of virus transmission, social networking services like Tiktok have become our ultimate source of entertainment which brings people virtually closer to each other. In fact, India is one of the most populous markets of China-based video-sharing apps with more than 120 million active users and 277 million downloads only in 2019. However, more and more people in India are asking the government to ban Tiktok India including preventing the use and downloading of the app in the country.

ban tiktok india
People are asking the PM Modi and the government to ban the use of Tiktok in India due to the threat of national securty

Recently, the Chinese video social networking platform has been accused of ‘cyber threat’ which steals the data from users who download the app. According to the US army, they have banned the use of Tiktok on their employee’s phones to protect national security. It raises the concern of leaking confidential information and the potential risk of coercive manners, especially blackmail. 

Ban Tiktok India

Thousands of Indian internet users show support to the ban Tiktok India, raising their concern to PM Narendra Modi and PMO India. Some even posted the screenshot proving that they’ve already removed the app from their phones. #bantiktokindia became one of the hottest trends on Twitter today. Check out people’s opinions on this issue:

Ban Tiktok India 2 Ban Tiktok India 3 Ban Tiktok India 4 Ban Tiktok India 5 According to the netizen, Tiktok is a virus app which not only steals user data but also spoils Indian young generation with toxic and misleading content especially when it comes to coronavirus issue. In fact, Indian youngsters in particular millennials and are getting addicted to the app as many Tiktok challenges and videos went viral on the internet. It is estimated that Indians spent more than 5.5 billion hours watching videos on Tiktok.

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