This 'Fate Capsule' Vending Machine In Hong Kong Sell Your Future Girlfriend Contact, See How It Works

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 02, 2020

The low-tech version of Tinder sells your future girlfriend contact with one 188 rupees!

Vending machines are widely available across Asia with an enormous diversity of products. From soft drinks to even live seafood, Asian vending machines offer them all. Amid the flourishing of automatic selling, a Hong Kong entrepreneur has taken it to another level with Fate Capsule vending machine that sells your potential partner contacts!

Fate Capsule vending machine
Fate Capsule vending machine is said to be the low-tech version of Tinder

Installed outside a small pet store in Hong Kong, the “Fate Capsule” vending machine has caught the word's attention with the kind of services it offers. Unlike vending machines that dispense food or drink, Fate Capsule spits out the contact information of singles who are ready to mingle.

When inserting HK$20 ($2.5 - 188 rupees) in coins, users will instantly receive contact details of a potential date. Considering its functions, the pink plastic machine appears to be a low-tech alternative for online dating sites such as Tinder. 

Fate Capsule vending machine Hong Kong
Fate Capsule vending machine where you can buy your love with 188 rupees

Ben Tang is the man behind this famous romantic vending machine. His inspiration for selling dates originally came from the same concept in Taiwan. Finding vending machines an effective tool to sell dating services for singles who are looking for love, Ben Tang decided to bring this Hong Kong. 

Together with his girlfriend, Ben Tang spent over five hours vetting people who wanted their contact details included in the machine. Each candidate will fill out information relating to their name, age, weight, height, and favorite activities as well as leave a brief intro about themselves on Google docs. Ben Tang would also reach out to purchasers and ask them if they want to add their info back to the Fate Capsule vending machine for better chances of finding a prospective date.

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Fate Capsule vending machine Hong Kong 2
Ben Tang and his Fate Capsule vending machine

Ben Tang's vending machine has become the talk of the town since he first installed it a few days prior to Valentine. Fate Capsule not only hit headlines but also attracted a large number of customers. Consequently, Tang felt the need to control the number of capsules being dispensed daily in order to increase customers' chances of success. 

Despite the romantic vending machine's soaring in popularity, it also raises controversies. There are poor reviews left by customers on Facebook, calling the machine out as a ‘fraud'. This results from the fact that most of the time, getting someone's contact details doesn't mean that they are able to get their friend request accepted.

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Besides the reliability, the service also has to face privacy problems as many people's private information has been publicly shared online. However, it seems like these drawbacks haven't blocked Fate Capsule vending machine from growing success. Ben Tang's date selling service is still booming, if not to say faster than ever. It's clear that this low-tech dating service can never compare with online dating apps. Nevertheless, it's definitely a fascinating dating experience for lonely souls.


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